Google’s new algorithm – Get ready to face the change

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Google is known to make changes in its algorithms from time to time, in order to ensure that the user’s search experience can be made as safe and pleasant as possible. Google first launched panda algorithms which deals with the content of the website and penalizes the website which have duplicate content.  After That Penguin is launched which deals with link spam and Over optimization.  So Penguin and Panda updates launched some time back are a clear example of how this search engine giant has been making efforts to remove low value sites. And the new algorithm is definitely another step forward in this direction.

Being launched with an aim to target spammy websites, Google is paying attention to queries like payday loans and more. It is much needed effort that will help to keep the web clean and eliminate spammy content, which Penguin failed to notice. Here are a few highlights that you will be noticing once the new algorithm is launched:

Payday loans: This one has been the foremost concern of Google, when it comes to queries where spam is clearly present. It is also a prime reason for the launch of new algorithm which is considered to be a stern step towards eliminating the huge number of spammy sites that are present online.

Advertorials: Google will definitely be targeting those which violate its quality guidelines and paying for ads which do not pass the link equity is on the top of this list. All Google wants you to do is to make it clear to the users what is organic and what is paid.

Hacked sites: This is certainly good news as the new algorithm will try and detect the hacked sites, along with providing more information to the webmasters whose sites have been hacked. It will also guide them in the right direction, making it somehow easier for them to deal with such issues.

Authority sites: With the launch of new algorithm, it is time to reward the sites which have been producing good content, relevant to their niche industries. Thus such sites will be listed higher in search results, as these are termed more appropriate and helpful for users.

This new algorithm slated to be launched worldwide will help Penguin, along with other search algorithms, to list high quality content in the topmost search engine result pages.

However, now the question is how Google will be able to detect such sites?

Some of the factors that Google will be taking into consideration are:

  • Age of the domain and site: to target recently launched or registered sites
  • Link velocity: To check sites which are gaining links too quickly
  • Over optimization and anchor text: To find sites involved in spammy SEO practices
  • Content: To check content in broken English and irrelevant meta descriptions


This will also act as a reminder for marketers to adopt fresh and ethical marketing strategies, to prevent any downgrades in searches. This will definitely motivate them to make use of best SEO practices, which will add to the experience of the online users.

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