Growth of the Gaming Industry

Video games are a major part of everyone’s childhood and they are indistinguishable from even our adult self. Yes, we love holding up the remote control and move along with our avatars’. This journey of leisure screen playing activity dates back to the year 1962 when a computer-based game Space war was created by Steve Rusell. It was the first game that could be played on multiple computer installations. Later this game development tradition was designed and upgraded in a better way by Ralph Baer often referred to as Father of video games. He invented the first prototype multi-program video game known as The Brown Box. Since then there is no looking back. Today gaming stands up like a billion dollar industry. According to a forecast by Global Games Market report, 2018 the gaming industry is rigorously rising and is expected to generate revenue of $134.9 billion.

The Gaming industry is sub-divided into four categories broadly
Arcade Gaming, Console Gaming, PC and Mobile Gaming

Arcade Gaming
First commercially available Arcade game was Pong launched in the year 1971. They were based on Arcade systems where games can be played even without an internet connection. Arcade gaming system usually works on the user reflexes and features strategy skills, complex thinking, puzzle solving. They support multiplayer gadgets. Popular examples of Arcade gaming or PC gaming are Super Mario Bros, PacMan, Tron.

Console Gaming
Console gaming is different from a standard video game as it is played without a computer keyboard, monitor or mouse. They are built with their own input devices having powerful graphics, for example, Sony playstation4, Nintendo WII, and X box one by Microsoft.

Expanded hard drive
Brilliant graphics
Available for free online playing
Connection with the social platform
Games like Nintendo WII are accessible everywhere

PC Gaming
PC games are built on a higher frame rate with better graphics as compared to other consoles. They are created by third-party companies and have enhanced visual settings. They are an upgraded version of console games as they support different hardware at the same time. PC games have a large memory size and hence they support heavy games. They have better detailing and can be used for any screen.

Better RAM space
Better quality of visuals
The game can be re-scripted

Mobile Gaming
It refers to the games that can be played through PDA, Smartphone, tablet, or any portable multimedia gadget. Launched in the year 1994 Tetris was the first mobile game available on Hagenuk MT-2000. In the year 1997 Nokia launched its successful Snake game on mobile. Smartphones are the new highly compatible gadgets with better connectivity features facilitating wireless gameplay. Currently, mobile games are downloaded on smartphones through the app store. Mobile devices are the most popular platform for gaming because of the booming mobile availability. Although the graphics are not as advanced as PC games.

Much immersed environment
Health booster

(Statistics as per 2018, Game Developers Conference showing the trend of Game developing)

Emerging Trends in Gaming
We are surrounded by the world of video games for almost five decades. The last decade witnessed the boom in the gaming industry with the introduction of smartphones in our lives. Our smart gadgets have changed the way we play, now we have better-equipped technologies.

Facial recognition
Facial recognition technology allows the gamers to create avatars on screen with the help of Intel Real sense 3D camera that adapts the emotion of gamers by scanning their faces. It captures minute details of expression while taking a photo. A very popular example of facial recognition in gaming is NBA2K15 where the user simply scans their face and play along with their favorite athlete.

Voice Recognition
If you are too lazy to grab the controller just simply command through your voice. You can easily give instructions and perform many functions simultaneously like control your gameplay, chat on social networks, surf the internet all in all just by speaking up. Just like the game bot colony released in 2014.

Gesture Control
Gaming has been made as simple as high five waves. Players can simply use their gestures and can take control of their game. Just like in the game warrior wave allows a real sense of technology just by using hand to direct the group of Ancient Greek soldiers to safety.

Improved Graphics
From the basic 8 bit graphics to the modern day graphics resolution the gaming industry has evolved highly. The enhanced quality of graphics has further improved the gaming experience with higher pictorial quality and more realistic textures.

Virtual reality
VR has erased the difference in real life and provides the user with a much immersed real like environment in the gaming world. It is undoubtedly the most enriching development in the world of gaming. E.g while playing a game call of duty or First Person shooter any gamer gets shot down by the opponent then he/she can feel the shots hit on their body. Smart gears like Oculus VR and Samsung gear VR created the new age of virtual reality.

Augmented Reality
While playing through augmented reality no gamer requires any space for TV or display. Instead, your sitting room can serve as a playing area. You must have already seen the revolution created by Pokemon Go an AR game that triggered the users to step out of their homes and collect the Pokemon. This real immersion created through this game is enough to notice the next giant step forward.

Wearable Gaming
Well, we had not really imagined our watches will be replaced by smart gears. They are stylish, handy and convenient at the same time. Several games have been launched which can be simply played under our wrist control. Some famous gaming wearable gadgets are Myo, HTC Vive, Sub Pac, Vuzix iWear.

Cloud Gaming or On-demand Gaming
Cloud gaming also known as on-demand gaming is probably the most revolutionary model of gaming. Here gamers can watch and share live stream games but with on-demand gaming, they would be able to play them too just like movie streaming services. In spite of working on hardwires developers these days are coming up with latest technologies like Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud to stock up the game. It is creating a competitive environment in the gaming evolution. Nvidia hit the news headlines as it emerged as an innovative technology with grid GPU.

With so many technological advancements happening in the world of gaming it would be quite challenging and exciting to see how the growing technology will create the arena of super addictive games. As we know the techniques like VR, Cloud gaming, etc are still in their initial growth sphere and stakes are quite high that these trends are going to build up altogether a different virtual world but yes these developments are channelizing and uplifting the 2D and 3D modeling. Gaming is the foundation industry which is experimenting in these technologies and it is undoubtedly going to create a base for several other e-commerce industries.