Guide to the Best Resources for Flat Design

Need to know about Flat design, You are at right place

The online world is overflowing with new designs and forms every day, making the entire scenario quite intricate and complicating. In such case flat design brings the much needed freshness to the design scene with simple shapes, typography and colors, which aim at achieving better usability and clarity. This concept shuns the extravagant elements, like textures, gradients and bevels, and the end result is much more clean and crispier.

To help you initially here is a list of some UI PSD kits which are available for free use.

Flat UI Pro – Designed in flat style, it contains an amazing collection of icons, glyphs and other basic components.

Flat UI Free – Free resource offered by Designmodo, it has the major basic elements of web interface, which can be used in design.

Flat design toolkit – Designed and provided by Freepik, it is another Flat UI kit, which has every essential UI component, along with user profiles and graphs.

Magazine/Blog Flat UI Kit – Especially designed for magazines and blogs, it is another free kit which included a vast range of elements useful for creating colorful yet clean websites.

Vertical Infinity UI Kit – The range of components offered in this UI kit is immense, as it includes menus, widgets, buttons, dropdowns, media players, along with pagination and forms. It offers the facility to optimize for the retina displays.

Metro Vibes UI Kit – This wonderfully designed UI kit is accessible on Pixelkit and is known for its intricate details and amazing range of colors.

Featherweight Flat UI Kit – An all inclusive UI Kit has vector based, layered and retina ready elements. Even the colors and text can be edited easily.

Square UI – Another UI pack, it is available in both premium and free versions and includes beautiful components which allow fast prototyping.

Flat Beach GUI – The pastel and summer themed GUI is offered free for use and has widgets, buttons and other media components.

UI Pixels Flat UI Widget – This is an interactive UI kit that has interface components and widgets and presence of just two colors makes it very easy to modify.

Tempees Flat UI Kit – This UI kit is available for websites and applications and includes different icon menus, buttons, widgets and profile blocks.

Eerste Flat UI Kit – This is a highly organized flat kit, having a number of graphical elements, along with menus, comment forms, video player, pricing tables, calendars and much more.

Metro UI Kit – This free download UI kit is offered by Tempees and has been inspired from MS Windows, which is reflected in its charts, menus, search and calendar styles.

Flat UI Kit – Designed by Andy Law, this kit can be downloaded free and it stands out because of its slick styling, color scheme, widgets, media player and other stylish features.

Simple & Bold UI Kit – This free PSD kit features buttons states, media players, news feeds, list menus, calendar widgets, sign-in-panels and much more.

E-commerce Flat UI Kit – Ideal for ecommerce projects, it contains plenty of UI elements, which can be edited easily as layers.

Free Flat UI Kit – Visual Creative – This kit includes buttons, media player, login forms, user profiles and a clock and is accessible as PSD download.

You can make use of the features and elements offered by these kits to incorporate flat design in your applications or websites. Although a recent trend, the significance of flat design has been emphasized with the launch of iOS 7, which has proven that this concept is here to stay for a long time.

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