Hair, Fur, Polygon Pinups & More in New 3D World

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Time to new most…Waiting for the latest issue of CG artists and Animators? Well it’s out now!!

The recent issue of CG artists and animators has been released. CG is one of the leading magazines worldwide and considered the best magazine in 3D world. Here we will discuss about the latest additions in the 3D World and also find out more about the winners of CG Awards 2013.

If you want to know more about mastering art of hairs and furs in ZBrush, then let’s find out the interesting facts considered important in this process.

First of all, it is important for you to know that there are certain fields of CG, including hair, which need more dedication and allegiance to become proficient as compared to other areas. The latest release of 3D World includes a few basics parts and features, which will provide you primary principles to guide you in right manner.

This latest 3D World release is basically designed to provide practical training to others looking for it. Those who are looking forward to attain expertise in this area, required to step ahead by taking their CG skills to the next level that involves VFX, which is considered a focused part on Elysium, a sci-fi thriller by Neill Blomkamp.

This latest release includes the below mentioned features. Have a look:

It helps you to know that how VFX company image engine has helped to comprehend the vision of Neill Blomkamp for his Elysium, which is an action-crammed sci-fi thriller.

It also offer highlights from Siggraph 2013

Information about the CG Awards 2013

You can take a look at Andrew Hickinbottom’s polygon pinups

The training presented in the latest issue includes the points mentioned under the following headings:

ZBrush Training

The ZBrush training includes the most popular and successful model Daniel Bysted, who effectively demonstrates how human hair modeling can change your character and personality.


This will help you to know that how hair and fur systems help your models come to life and also have a lot of other uses during 3D animation.

Lightwave 3D 11

In this training, there will be a demonstration to explain how to develop a traditional Asian-style home using LightWave 3D 11. It is very important for you to know about this process properly for better results.

This latest issue also includes tests, which are as follow:

Photoshop CC

3ds Max 2014

Scan 3XS GW-HT10

There are numerous ways to buy 3D World: from picking up the print version from your local newsagent to buying one of our many digital editions, it is easier than ever to lay your hands on a copy. See below for how-to-buy information.

If you want to buy 3D World and other related editions, then there are a number of ways that will help you to purchase this. You can simply grab the printed magazine through good newsagents or from My Favourite Magazines Get newsstand for iOS edition through the 3D World Magazine application.

You can also grab Google Play edition

There is also Kindle Fire HD edition available that will be at the Amazon Appstore app

Apart from this, Zinio edition & Nook edition are also out there.

Moreover, there are some other ways to buy information. See this:

Look at 3D World!

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