How Android is more Business friendly than anything else on the shelve

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Apps are no more a generic source of entertainment. They have acquired a more crucial definition that has pushed almost all start-ups to promote their brands via the handheld technology. Android and iOS are leading the race at front with Android a winner of the two. I can debate on the justifications that why it is difficult to match the standards set by the pioneer player Apple. There is no doubt about the fact that Apple has far better hardware and even the quality of softwares is superior. However, it is the undisputed reach to customers that Android has earned over the years, and that makes it more business supportive in case you are all set to enter the small screen market.

The Android platform is very supportive in terms of offering a wide variety of inbuilt Audio, Video and graphics tools. This eases out a developer’s job in finalizing customized interactive attributes. Subsequently, a large variety of 2D and 3D options have been included in the library. Moreover, Android allows re-usability of code that saves time and coding effort.

It has become the most extensively used smart phone platform in the world, surpassing the pioneer iOS and others including Windows 8. Thus, companies offering Android app development are as easily available as any digital agency offering web development and online promotion services. On the contrary, companies offering iOS and Windows app development are relatively few. However, more number of digital agencies means you need to be more careful before outsourcing the project.

Google played it smart by making the mobile OS compatible for any hardware company that showed interest. This boosted the Android market to a new level and thus made it the most popular mobile OS. Therefore, Android can be a wise option if you are giving it a thought of getting an app developed for your brands promotion. Moreover, a lot of apps that are available for free download and installation are paid at the Apple’s store, discouraging a lot of iOS users to give your brand a chance.

Also, Android caters to a wider spectrum of smart phone users than any other brand. In this part of the world, that has the most populous countries of India and China, Android dominates leaving a lesser room for iOS and Windows.

It may sound weird but a lot of users have showed love for Android more because Apple has still not entered into the Indian market on its own. They have rather outsourced a limited sale of iPhones in the country, to other agencies.Even the apps portfolio is richer than iOS. There are far more number of apps being approved by Google with each passing day. Apple and Microsoft still have miles to go in order to match up the diversity Android offers.

Last and not least, It is immensely lucid to apply for Android. There no stringent policies, no costly licensing fees etc. This savours time and effort making it more business friendly. The only fee is levelled at the app development and its testing level.

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