How Development in Designing Turns your Conventions into Traditional Product Development

Every day we can see our daily used products getting more useful and productive. From a simple kitchen knife to burners, from a small lamp to the electric bulbs and bicycle to cars, and now many communicative devices. These products have been scientifically and technologically getting more compatible and easy to use. For us, these products have been the dedicated efforts of manufacturers and production, but more importantly the ingenuity and creativity hands of our designers.


Have you ever noticed while preparing a cup of coffee, it’s just not of your taste and then you put in a bit of sugar and some cream, but still have not achieved what you want, what should you do then?


An example, I can give you is of a color matching Coffee cup, courtesy Janintia


MyCuppa Mug


Get this beautifully designed innovative MyCuppa Mug with printed colors and guide to prepare the coffee with the right quantity of cream, liquid and sugar. This whole concept is a simple yet great idea to start your day with your favorite cup of coffee. It is produced in a production unit, but behind the production, there is a hand and role of the designer.  The design is simple, yet it has made the whole concept unique.  These examples are not few, as many IT gems; Apple, Android, Samsung, Google, Amazon, etc., has retained their creative palate with their simplicity and beauty.


Housewife knows the taste of her family, understands the importance of change in their lives, would keep on preparing something new and adding something innovative on the families’ favorite dishes. She will add equal quantity of spices and garnish the dishes with perfection and ingenuity. The same holds true with the design led innovations where the designer and his team know what is required by the people and they just take their whole creativity into it. Here the collective efforts of their team make the whole design speaks.


Any development model with a great design can create a revolution in the whole production environment, will generate an entirely new scope and opportunities and add value to work in a better way. An experienced designer will generate his own charm by being artistic and creative. A good designer would try to grasp the design led innovative technology and a model herein including the users’ preference and the varied development needs. In Short, the most important need lies in finding whether the “Innovation is meeting Strategy and Strategy meeting Innovation”?
design led innovation process


Increasing The Product Interactivity to Increase Its Usability


Yes, the initial task of a designer is to make the designing process complete interactive. To achieve this aim, they must start from the formulation of the product strategy and then move to the development and finally reach the analyzing stage.


A designer starts with integrating the users’ main aspects, understanding his business motives and in finding how his ideas are incorporated technically. The designer’s contribution is not just limited to building the aesthetic appeal but also in working with the developers in understanding the products functionality too.



Participants In The Designing Process


Target Audience

These are the final users to whom the product or an application is being targeted. It is the users who have to decide whether the product is to their taste or not. The convenience and usability tests of the user remain the main goal.


Product Managers

Product Managers also plays their part very well. There might be certain situations or case that your marketing guy has come up with some suggestions and that do not meet your product specifications, which could lead to confusion and wrong product created. Here a small talk or a meeting with an experienced developer can solve these hiccups.


Project Leads

For successful, innovative and a designer product, it is very important to have equal contribution from the team members. What is more important is the experience and capability of the project lead to form a team that would involve all the team members in formulating a concept of a product and giving it a shape.


participants in design led Innovation

The team of expert designers with leads of UX designer is a must. A UX designer is provided most crucial role in translating an idea into creativity. If a product is human centric, it is all the more imperative to share the information for getting more ideas. UX designers can see the samples, only when the concept has been finally decided and formulated.



For making the meaningful concept, it is important to take the help of a developer who has an idea about designing. It is also imperative to have two contributors in a team who can help to solve the problems or issues arising thereby.


The Marketing Team

A marketing team will regularly try to understand user issues, gather feedback and send elements back to the team. This makes their role is equally important in the whole designing process. Their points would help in finally arriving at user-friendly product, and product that would appeal the clients.


Starting the Design-led Innovation?

Well, this calls for amazing story boarding, so as everyone is involved right from the start. A whole team offers inputs to the designers and developers, who in turn take clues from marketing feedback to create new products. It is equally pertinent to have surveys, reports or studies that are used for knowing the multiple user viewpoints for better innovation oriented planning. A user-centered product should come from the minds of designers, developers, marketing experts and sales person together.


Story Boarding

It is a step where you are developing a theme of the product, in other words, you are writing the story of a product. It is best to involve everyone to come up with the ideas and then get the story line. This story boarding involves writing the stories, jotting down user points and solving issues or puzzles.


Using the Viewpoints of others

You can take cues from the survey, reports or different research studies to predict the market trend of the product and how it is going to be popular. You can prove to be valuable in finding out how much this product is worth and desired scalability before coming out with the final product.


Finally, it takes many minds to come up with 1 conclusive product, which will probably go through scrutiny and will reach a phase, where it demands change and updates. No matter what, products with user in focus will continue as the trend of tomorrow.

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