How much does it cost to Design a Website?

Whenever you are starting out, your website is a huge investment and you expect an impressive ROI from it.  There is no secret that website represents your business and covers it all up in a single go.  The better the representation the better are the chances of attracting opportunities. When you dress up, the choice of clothes, accessories and other subtleties portrays you. Similarly, a website is your digital portray.

When we talk about how much does it cost to design a website which almost every business owner think off, there is no single answer for this question. There are number of cost variations you will find. The quotes may vary from companies to companies based on your requirements.

Even though the cost of designing a website cannot be accurately estimated but to a great extent it depends upon the type of website design you want to have.

Let us shed some light on the various type of website layouts that may define your website designing cost:

Fixed Design Layout:

Fixed websites have a set width, and resizing the browser or viewing it on different devices won’t affect on the way the website looks. The width of the layout does not change the screen resolution. So, even when viewed on different browsers, the width of the website layout remains the same. It is a primitive layout that was/is widely preferred by many.

Pros of using Fixed Design Layout:

  • A fixed design gives the designer significantly more control, in that he/she has fixed space to work with.
  • These layouts make easier for designers to designers to design and add functionalities to the page.
  • No need to worry about the size of the images.

Cons of using Fixed Design Layout:

  • Fixed Design tend to leave empty space on either sides of the design especially at high resolution.
  • The usability of the fixed width website scores less as compared to other types.

Liquid or Fluid Design:

It is one of the most preferred layout types of web designers. Most web elements of the website are incorporated based on the percentage widths. It helps a great deal in making the entire website work fine on different browsers. The percentage width designed website elements adjusts well to distinct screen sizes and fits to the user’s screen resolution perfectly.

Pros of using Liquid or Fluid Design:

  • This type of designs adapt better to whatever screen resolution or device a user happen to be working with.
  • It makes use of the entire browser window and so maximizes the amount of content being shown on screen at any one time.
  • This type of web design layout is definitely more user-friendly than fixed layout.

Cons of using Liquid or Fluid Design:

  • The designer has to make sure that there is no problem in the design with respect to different screen resolutions.
  • Content types with a set width (like images and videos) cannot be set according to different screen resolutions.

Responsive Design:

Responsive Design aims to make website viewing easier by displaying websites on different devices in forma that are easy to read and navigate. Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Pros of Responsive Web Design:

  • Responsive web design are fluid, meaning that content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices.
  • Responsive web design provides the optimal user experience.
  • Responsive web design enhances SEO efforts by having all your visitor’s directed to a single site.

Cons of Responsive Web Design:

  • The initial development of responsive web design takes a longer time.
  • Due to unnecessary HTML/CSS code downloads in a mobile device, loading time is usually higher.

Cost of designing a website depends upon the layout to choose for your website. No matter what the cost will be but it is always very important for businesses to have a website with a web design that makes it stand out in the competition.

How important is Design for a website?

When we talk about how important is design for the success of a website, let us just answer this with some stats.

It is very much clear from the stats that impressive web design surely has an important role to play in the success of any business. Be it a startup or a large multinational company, website with an impressive web design is the key to its success.

How Miracle Studios can Help?

Websites helps in representing the business all over the world and is the face of any business. We at Miracle Studios, provide the clients with best of web designs that are user-friendly, simple and professional.


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