How right domain name can boost your business?

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NOTE: Recently Google made an EMD update. You should go read about it as well. This article was written way before that.


Naming your business is the foremost priority and naming it right is even more crucial. No business can survive for long with incorrect or inappropriate business name. Therefore, for a successful web marketing strategy, a right domain name is a must.


So choosing a right domain is no rocket science. But if it is not done correctly, it can hamper the progress of your business.  A good domain name gives you an identity in the web world. Hence, the name should be something that portrays your business in the truest possible manner.


Since, the homepage of any website is like real estate in the internet market, the domain name is like an address to it. This is no exaggeration and one can imagine how crucial it is for the business’s success.


A great domain name leaves first impression of your website on the visitor. And as they say, ‘first impression is the last impression’, right domain name can do wonders.  Domain name happens to be the first point of contact between the potential customers and the company.

So, the name should match your business’s profile and should give a brief introduction about the same.  The other important consideration while choosing the right domain name for your business is that it should inculcate the most crucial keyword related to your business.


Domain name gives identity and recognition to your business in the online world.  It sets you apart from the crowd and brightens up the chances of being positioned in the minds of prospective clients.   A domain name that has all the qualities like simplicity, uniqueness, easy to remember and is interesting, comes out to be a winner.


Therefore, once you decide on a domain name incorporating abovementioned ingredients, make sure that it is available for registration.  It is not necessary that the name should exactly match your business but is preferable if it is somewhere close to it. You can try any permutation and combination of the name but the only point that needs to be kept in mind is that it should clearly define your business and the products and services you deal in.


Moreover, the domain name extension is equally important as the name is. It is always better to go in for the .com extension but in case it is not available, .net, .org, .biz will also do. Apart from that, the domain name should not be more than 2-3 words.


Short and easy names are not only easy to remember but they also rank high in search engine results. So, if you really wish to see your business rising by leaps and bounds, get the right domain name and write your success story!


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