How to build a Time Management Cooking Game?

What is a time management game?
Have you seen people around you playing time management games? And wondered why they get so much joy from playing games, which seems to be dull like baking cake, collecting food, harvesting crops or paying rent? You might think about how this game playing can be considered fun? The truth is such games fulfill basic human requirements and gives gratification to certain desires in a way which is simple, safe and pleasurable.

A time management game can be defined as any online or video game or it can be a casual game you play with any other person. In such games, you have to achieve certain objectives, within limited time and resources. And these objectives need to be met in a specific order.

If we talk about cooking game development we can say they are entertaining and educative as well. They help in improving skills like eye coordination, measurement, and other motor skills. Not only this, it helps in imbibing the cooking qualities in real life cooking. Some of the famous cooking games are Food truck, cooking fever, stoneage chef.

Features of the time Management game
Time management games allow continuous playing and keep on adding levels making it more interesting. With a lot of variation comes excitement and curiosity to try more. There are certain features that need to be considered while building a time management game development.

It gives such a motivation to feel achieved. To achieve something notable in life, one has to work really hard for a longer span. Playing such time management games provides a clear path towards achievement. You can build your strategy and speed and achieve targets. The best part about cooking games is that they are not a one-shot game which means they can be played again.

Games are competitive in nature. Such online games allow you to compete with other players and you can share your win amongst your peer group through social networks.

If playing through a social media channel then it allows you to communicate with other friends or social contacts. There can also be a chat room or fan page where you can communicate with other players about the game.

Teamwork is a big part of time management games both online and offline. In the cooking games, you can ask other players for virtual objects. You may also ask them to do “neighborly” tasks like buying grocery for you, harvesting crops. This process helps in building a community of players.

Everyone loves to explore and through online time management games, you get to enjoy the joy of discovery. Some of these games are well examined and cover different ethnicities and historical periods. It helps in discovering new objects, tricks and unwritten rules in the virtual world.

Some of the cooking games led you to custom build your virtual space like changing décor, changing clothes of your character. This makes you feel like you are expressing your own personal choices.

It helps you in escaping any uncomfortable or unavoidable real-life situation. You can enter the world of time management games and feel better. The game tells you what exactly you need to do and when. And also while playing games you are constantly rewarded. You seem to be engrossed in your screen and the real world seems to fade away.

Feeling Productive
Time management video games create an illusion and build an impression of a false sense of productivity with limited resources. Despite the fact that it is happening in a virtual world you feel accomplished about doing something worthwhile by playing a game.

How to build a successful cooking game?

Super-stunning graphics
If you observe all those games that have hit the mark of 50 million, you will understand that they have great 3D graphics. Their graphics are attractive and realistic. Having good graphics brings many players into the game. This implies while building a game development, take some time to design the graphics.

Wonderful sound effects
There is a great amount of synchronized energy between stunning graphics and great sound effects. So, to enhance your game, you must take your time to design amusing sounds. Actually, the sounds sometimes attract prospective players too. For example, if you are playing a game, only someone sitting beside you can watch it. People who are sitting far can hear, only sound. So, if the game has great sound then people can hear the sound and ask about the game.

Engaging gameplay
If a game keeps you engaged to your screen then such a game is highly engaging. They tend to be addictive and keeps you away from the real world for a while. All successful gaming apps are highly engaging and immersive in nature. This is another characteristic that a gaming app must have. You need to work on sound and graphics that can create engaging gameplay.

Unique concept/storyline
With so many cooking games options available, it is important to come up with a concept which is unique and attractive for the game players as they constantly search for the options with lots of variety.

Real-time play
Offering a real-time play for the players where they can challenge friends or players over the internet. It does not mean that player don’t like offline games. But at the same time, some games are highly engaging which allows the players to challenge friends and other players.

Leader boards generate the statistics of the game you have played and display your scores amongst other players worldwide. This is again a highly motivating factor which would encourage the players to play hard. So putting up a leader board makes the game app more interesting.

Numerous levels
If the player sees fewer levels which are easy to clear then he would definitely delete the game after playing whereas, if the game has multiple levels then the player will stick to the game for the long run. You should target the bar of a minimum of 100 levels to increase the fun and thrill of the players.

If the game is compact in nature then the user will definitely switch to your game. On the other hand, if the game takes up most of the memory space then there are slight or minimal chances of people downloading it. Hence, it is important to create a compressed size app. Even when the large size apps are installed in the mobile, they get listed for deletion every time the user tries to download an app. Ideally, a game should be 50 MB or less in size. But keeping a size more than 100 MB is a certain possibility that it will be deleted.

How to make money with the cooking app?
• Pay Per Download
Paid downloads are a traditional method which is followed till date to generate revenue in the app making business. However modern users don’t really follow this technique they tend to explore the app before paying. But this is still a common approach which is used in many businesses.

• Subscription
This is the most common model for the apps to fetch money in the organization. There is a simple idea behind this- the users get unlimited access to the feature as long as they pay for them regularly. This method is used to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business.

• In-App Purchases
This is another way to build a business. It allows the users to buy special session packs as required without unlocking other content.

• Ads
Advertising is one of the largest revenue generation method which would make your app completely free. You can choose to build ads on online mode and preferably choose to create ads which are related to your cooking.

Building a cooking app seems like a really good idea for the business development of any startup as it’s a learning game having its application in the real world. It also does not cost you a fortune and is a profitable investment from a business point of view.

Top elements of the time management app that require the most attention are:
• Complete and Clear Onboarding Block to host the main idea and features of the app.
• Specific UI based on soothing colors and animations.
User Profiles that allow customizing the user’s experience and connecting the audience with the elements of gamification.
• Plain Play Screen with minimal UI.
Discover Screen where users can locate your app by themselves.
Push Notifications to engage people.

Conclusively, ensuring that your cooking game has all the qualities outlined above will boost its chances of hitting a higher number of users which should not be compromised. Contact us! We are ready to help you with your cooking app development and provide an estimation of your project cost within 24 hours. Let’s build a performing app together.