How to Choose the Right Hosting Provider?

Choosing the right hosting provider as per your needs and requirements is an arduous task. Though most of us rely on reviews given by the hosting companies but it is not the sole deciding factor. Pricing also plays a crucial role in choosing the right provider but there are certain other things that should be kept in mind before making the final decision.


Let’s discuss different things you need to consider while looking for the best hosting provider in accordance to your needs and requirements-


Identify your needs – The foremost step to determine the right hosting provider is to identify your needs. You should be clear in your mind regarding the type of hosting you require. For this you should know how much space and bandwidth you might use, whether you need 24/7/365 support, Live Chat option etc. Though these are very basic things but having clarity in the same, saves you from spending on the features which are of no use to you.


Server Platform- It is crucial to decide beforehand which server platform you want for your website. You can choose among Linux and Windows server by critically evaluating the pros and cons of each before taking the final decision. But in this day and age, Linux is preferred over Windows server because of its incredible features and lower pricing as compared to Windows.


Network Uptime – To have success in online market, it is very crucial that your site should never face downtime issues. Before you take up hosting service, make sure that the provider guarantees you 99.9% uptime. Those who assure 100% guarantee are a sham again. Every hosting provider restarts their servers at different situations, once they install new software or update the existing one, therefore they can’t guarantee 100% uptime. And even if somebody claims it, that is the clear indication of the fact that they never update their technology and servers which is an open invitation to hackers on the server.


Bandwidth – Bandwidth signifies the amount of data transfer that can be done via one’s hosting account. Each hosting account has a bandwidth limit. The companies which offer unlimited bandwidth are just manipulating the consumer and nothing else. It is just a market ploy to pitch in clients, so it’s better to keep such providers’ at bay. Such an offer might sound lucrative but they have hidden clauses which are revealed at the later stages.


Scaling- Another crucial point of consideration is that you take up a hosting plan which is scalable. Scaling option allows you to upgrade your site as and when required depending upon the traffic on your site.


Web Space – You need to analyze your web space requirement. It is very crucial to analyze the web space requirement before finalizing a hosting company. Generally, there should be minimum 20mb space in your account. If your site has advanced features the limit of web space requirement can go upto 50mb.


Ftp Access & Cgi Bin access – Another point to be considered is the Ftp Access & Cgi Bin access. It is very important to know that your provider should give you 24/7 ftp access and that you should be able to upload your files using any software. Along with that, you should be able to access your own private cgi-bin directory. So, make it a point that you ask your host before finalizing it.


Other things- Other crucial things to be considered includes information about automatic script installer and a free 1-800 number. Moreover, you need to know the kind of support your hosting provider is offering like e-mail, tickets, phone or Live Chat.


Since now you are aware of the things that should be taken into account before deciding on the hosting provider, now let’s discuss most popular types of web hosting-


Cloud Hosting – This hosting is just right for the people who expect their traffic to grow at a great speed. Since cloud hosting offers scaling option, it automatically upgrades the plan as per the rising traffic. You don’t need to upgrade your servers every now and then.


Reseller Hosting – This type of hosting is right for the people who host several websites on their own or on their client’s behalf. In this you constantly need to upgrade your resources as this plan has limited resources.


VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server is designed as per the needs of the people who need something more and better than reseller or shared plan. Such people don’t need dedicated server due to their budget constraints. Though VPS is your own server but it has virtually more VPS’s on one machine. Therefore it has both the features of shared as well as a dedicated server.


Shared Hosting – It is suitable for the people who don’t require resources of a full server. Also, it is apt for the single websites. The shared hosting is perfect for those who need just one Cpanel account and don’t use much of bandwidth.


Dedicated Servers – This is designed to cater to the needs of people with larger websites that make use of large resources. Also, it is appropriate for the people who have larger client base and needs dedicated resource to assure their clients best performance. Though it might be expensive as compared to other server types but it promises incredible uptime.


Hope you got the required insights about the things you need to consider before choosing the hosting company. If you take abovementioned points into consideration, you won’t fall prey to devious hosting providers.


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