How to design a top-quality icons

Icons are important within interface designs and website design. There are many websites across internet providing various free icons to download. However, there are top companies providing quality services to design your own unique and top quality icon to specially highlight your website.


You can notice most of the popular application icons on desktop look poor, when run on Windows with high DPI settings. Even some high profile icons look terrible. Similarly, most of the icons look blurry with unclear image or lower resolution and they are scaled up rather using as higher resolution icons. To achieve good results designing an icon, it is important to stick to a process properly. Icon designing process has some similarities with user-centred design process that is widely used.


Three States of Creating an Icon


Discovery Stage: In this stage, you analyze, brief and design keywords for icons and then find a metaphor or a perfect representation for those keywords. The objects must be depicted in a recognizable manner and activities should be shown as actions on the related objects. You can use abstract symbols and shapes for complex concepts. With a rough idea and sketch, now you can begin with the second stage.


Design Stage: In this stage, you will create a design that creates a good visual impact. The design you create must be appealing with good look and feel. To make it a perfect design, concentrate on visual style, whether you want to make it realistic, simple, flat or with 3D impact. Implementing appropriate levels of details is important. If you satisfy with an average or likely poor icon outcome, then it may certainly affect your recognition. Moreover, trying to give excessive details on an other end will also affect the icons and its reach. Therefore, it is imperative to give equal and balanced focus from every perspective while designing an icon.


Implementation Stage: In this stage, icons designed and created are tested within actual interface. Feedback is gathered before taking to drawing board. This cycle repeats until a final icon with perfect look is achieved and exported.


The above said three stages of designing a top quality icon is for a newly to be created icon for a website. However, equal importance must be given for building on an existing icon. It is the fact that without a proper guidelines, designing an icon will be challenging. You must focus on existing style by looking for an appropriate color, visual weight, line width, corner radius and other elements. Even a little detail can help end up creating an excellent icon.


In addition to it, it is also important to ensure if established style can be easily scaled to new motifs. By following a systematic approach, you can ensure getting consistent results with strong logic. Remember, icons are not just pictures and they must be designed in a simple but effective way to get hugely recognized. Similarly, not all icons are similar and they of course differ in some aspects. Therefore, proper research must be done before designing an icon to make top quality.


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