How to Design an Effective and Attractive Infographics

What is Infographics?

Visual representation of Information  is called  Infographics.  But Point is “how to design  an effective infograhic “which helps to representation  the visual information in better way.  So I am here today  with most important tips to design a better infographics.

1. Graphics:

Two type of graphics theme Graphics and Reference Graphics are used in Infographics,  Choose right Theme graphics  helps the reader what knowledge you want to share..!!!

When you want to represent  more content to design inforgarhics ,  then use reference graphics which simply work as visual pointer to avoid the cluttering.

2. Choose Attractive Color

Need to choose better color  which gives the great impact to the reader.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge is most important part while designing an infographics. So Highlighting the most important content  help the reader what impact you are giving in your information.

4. Focus on single Topic

You have to create clearer visualizations if you know where you are going to.You will  get  an effective output if you will  give answers to a single Topic.

So keep in mind these point while designing an Effective Infographics.


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