How Virtual Reality Gaming is going to be a multi- billion dollar Industry

A technology which is nothing less than a miracle of the computer world “VIRTUAL REALITY” is taking the technological world by storm. From healthcare to education and military training every field nowadays are benefited from the technologically forward Virtual Reality concept.However, VR is a huge part of the entertainment business, video games being the most prominent use of the concept.

Virtual Reality Game Development is gaining momentum in every corner of the world taking in its fold the interest of every generation. VR games not just provide a commendable gaming experience and have also brought about a revolution in the gaming industry.

According to tech M&A advisory firm Digi-Capital, VR market could be worth $30 billion by 2020 and not just that 60% of the users feel that Virtual Reality is just for Gaming.

We all know that a good game gives a meaningful accomplishment- clear achievement that we don’t necessarily get in real life and when you add VR in your game, you can also have a real-life experience of that achievement. Imagine you being in a real game environment and playing football. Isn’t it sounds interesting? This is exactly what VR games provide you with- a real-time experience by bringing the virtual world to reality.


Get ready for an amazing experience!!!!

The biggest benefit of the VR is the amazing perspective it provides on the game worlds. Now you can not only just play online roulette; be part of the world, live inside the game.

Some of the benefits of VR Game Development are:
• Highly immersive gameplay experience
• Unique and easily adjustable perspective of the game world
• As much digital space you could ever hope for


Developing a well perfected and lucrative VR game is not at all an easy task. And, it certainly needs more than just game concept development, scripting, programming, animation, character design, level creation and testing. By outsourcing your VR game development projects, you can benefit from the technical expertise of the best of VR Game Developers.

Not just this, some of the other benefits of outsourcing VR Game Development are:


Outsourcing for Virtual Reality Development is one of the best ways of reducing overhead costs. With outsourcing, employers don’t have to worry about hiring and then letting go employees after every project. The vendor is responsible for providing the materials necessary for their own teams hence relieving you of any and all team management issues. So this eventually means freedom from unnecessary expenditure and bureaucracy.


Outsourcing helps you tap into the expertise of professionals well-versed with the latest in cutting-edge VR technology. VR game outsourcing helps in deploying the best resources for the meticulous task of VR game development.


Outsourcing the VR Game Development can save your precious time and you do not have to go through the entire hiring process. You always prefer to choose a company that fulfils your entire requirement and has a team of technical VR experts that develop the best of VR game and that too in the minimum time possible.


Miracle Studios, one of the best VR game Development Company, provides you the best in class and updated version of VR games.


Miracle Studios has a team of world-class VR game developers that excel in bringing the virtual world to reality by providing the best solutions related with VR straight from the concept stage to final deployment. Not just that we have a creative team that specializes in designing unique environments and immersive solutions.


Great things are not achieved by impulse. You need proper time and efforts of all the team members to deliver the best of results. We believe in Unity. Our team of expert designers and developers work in full collaboration with each other and take time to fully understand your needs so that we can bring your virtual world to reality.
I got in touch with one of the VR Game Developer of Miracle Studios “Manu Gupta” to know more about how VR in Gaming works and what is his best developed VR game?
In his opinion, VR has truly taken the gaming industry by storm and has surpassed the old gaming concept. According to him, VR incredibly creates and utilize the digital space. You can have as much space as you want and even more than that and of course VR provides you with an amazing experience.
When asked about his best VR Game Development Project? He very promptly answered “THE BET” and “ISOLATED”.

“The Bet” is a VR Horror House Game that gives you an immersive 360-degree horror virtual reality experience and a real-time feel of a horror house in 3D. The Bet has more than 2,000,000 downloads and provides you with the spookiest experience.

“ISOLATED” is a VR horror game and one of the rare games that is featured by Google cardboard. Isolated has a game play of 60 minutes and is likely is give you chills.

If you are looking for best of VR Game Developers, we are here!! Our team of experts having humungous experience can turn your game idea into reality.

So, what are you waiting for?

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