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World biggest search engine Google’s 15th birthday approached, this search engine giant gave a present in the form of Hummingbird. It is being termed as the most important update which took place in search algorithm since 2001. Bringing in a huge transformation for majority of searches, it is aimed at eliminating content particularly created for SEO, while delivering high quality results.

How Hummingbird works?

Rather than conventional keyword searches, it brings into use conversational searches for delivering results as close to the actual query of the user as possible. Displaying the searched content on search page further makes it convenient to find the desired information for users.

The development of Hummingbird has been initiated by the changing form of searches. While search algorithms developed earlier focused more on keywords, the current development is aimed at providing answers to the long and specific questions of the users they type in search box.

This difference can be better understood through this example. While earlier searches focused on particular keywords, like iPhones, now users are being more specific and asking questions like where they can find the best price for iPhone 5. This change will lower the ranking of sites offering generic results, while enabling specific and more localized information on top.

What Hummingbird means for businesses?

The largest impact of Hummingbird will be on the ranking of business websites. Businesses that do not have much better results to provide for generic searches will rank better. To stay in sync with transformations brought in by Hummingbird, it is very important for businesses to understand the internet is being used for finding services and products.

It is essential because the terms used by people while searching for something on internet do not reflect their actual query most of the times. It is different from the queries they use in actual life or while using voice search through their mobile devices. While people might type a query like buy wooden furniture Buckhead. However it will change during verbal command to something like, which is the nearest place to my house for buying wooden furniture. Earlier the search engine might have focused on matching the keywords, for example concentrating on buying and wooden furniture. Scenario has definitely changed with Hummingbird, as it helps Google to understand the actual meaning of the query typed by a user, in order to provide more specific results.

In case you have shared your location with Google then it will be in a better position to understand the actual location of your home. From the word place it will know that it is an actual store you are looking for and wooden furniture is a type of furniture people buy for its utility and appearance. Understanding the true intentions behind these terms will enable Google to provide better results rather than just matching the words.

Now it will considerably depend on businesses to make Google understand through Hummingbird that it is their website people are searching for. Businesses are required to come up with maximum queries which their users might be searching for. In case you are expecting queries like ‘the best LCD TV to buy’ then you need to think more specifically what your users might be looking for. Is it the product quality, affordability or some other reason and then make sure that your content covers all that queries that your target users might have in mind.

Along with making the search engine results better, Hummingbird update has also given an opportunity to businesses in the form of more topics they can write on, thus enabling them to create content with longer life. This also marks an end of the era when content was created just for putting some words on pages. The content users and search engines are looking for these days needs to deliver something. It also means that businesses should give more importance to content when it comes to their marketing objectives.

What more you should know about Hummingbird?

Displaying the search content on search page is among the biggest transformations brought in by Hummingbird.

For example, you are searching for a movie title to look for the year it was released in. as you will type in the name of that movie, Google will certainly provide you innumerable results in a few seconds. However along with that you will also see a description, actors and release year of the movie on a side where used be blank space.

Although it is good for users, but same can’t be said about businesses. Providing this feature implies that Google is gathering content from websites for displaying on its search pages, but is becomes an experience specific to Google. It also means that Google is using your website content for keeping users on its search pages for longer, rather than visiting other websites. Whatever the case might be, it is hard to argue as businesses need to accept whatever Google brings their way.

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