Implication of SEO Co-citation- An Overview

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Over the last few years, Google, the search engine giant, has been trying out different algorithm lists to develop effective results that are more powerful and unique. These frequent changes have affected the working process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are familiar with SEO and know how it works, then you must have heard of keywords, link building, back links, and anchor text.

These are the fundamental features of SEO process and greatly contribute to increase ranking of the website. With the advancement in Google algorithm, Panda and Penguin updates have been replaced by latest co-citation. Previously, Penguin and Panda update were primarily used for link building process and to increase traffic on the website. If you are not aware about the latest update, then here we introduce the SEO Co-citation and its significance:

Meaning of Co-citation and its significance

The term Co-citation refers to the similarity between two web pages. Suppose, if you are going through a health portal and they have mentioned two websites below their blog or article, then both the websites may be considered similar to each other. Due to this, Google has discovered a relation between both websites and it has turned into an essential factor for search engine ranking.

Nowadays, Co-citation method is gaining immense popularity to generate great traffic and also helps to enhance the search engine placement and ranking of your website.

Moreover, Co-Citation effectively contributes to place your back links in context sensitive location. This would be beneficial for SEO process and also help to administer the search engine listing of your website. It is recommended to consider Co-citation every time you request a link for addition. In case of link baiting practice, it would be quite challenging to control co-citation.

So, next time before targeting any keyword, make sure to co-citation your links to any reliable website that ranks on top position on Google. Proper research and analytic technique plays a significant role to make your co–citation process effective and result oriented.

If you are running a website and looking forward to enhance the web presence of your business, then it is essentially required to understand the significance of recent search engine changes that will effectively increase your web presence. First of all, unique content is the prominent factor that needs to be considered to promote your website. Unique content includes original and informative description about the product or services you may be offering.

In this progressive technological era, where internet is ruling globally, it is important to have enough knowledge about the on-going trends and changes that take place in Google algorithms. These days everybody is aware about the search engine optimization process, but only a few give a serious thought to the changes that occur from time to time. Above we have discussed about the existence and significance of Co-Citation process. As, many people were not aware of this recent change, so we took the initiative to provide required information to our users.

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