Importance of 3D modeling in product design and marketing

Online store have but one disadvantage over traditional brick and mortar shops. Customers miss out on the first hand experience of the product (seeing, feeling and gauging the product with their own senses) and this creates a lot of confusion for the final buying decision. A good example would be buying a backpack. Seeing just the picture isn’t enough to get a proper idea about the dimension, the texture of the material and the level of comfort in carrying it. In many cases, customers still prefer going out to a proper store than ordering online. However, this can be thoroughly changed by proper use of technology. 3D modeling of products is proving to be a game changer and benefits potential customers with a close enough experience. Subsequently, we are shift from traditional photography techniques and illustrations to act as product images. Sellers are relying more on 3D illustrations and unique visualizations that attract the attention of customers and make them comfortable with the aspects that online stores have long been missing out. 3D modeling is thus helping marketing efforts by engaging visitors in a more intriguing product design.


So what involves the new technology of 3D modeling?



  1. Prototyping


3D modeling is the best way to prototype products. As opposed to the 2D images that we used to view our products in, the 3D models helps different views and understanding the other dimensions of the product (depth, width, height compared to a general scale, etc).


  1. Measurements


3D modeling software allows manufacturers showcase their products alongside real world scales. As with backpacks that we were talking of before, 3D modeling will allow potential customers to compare the product with a standard height of a person.



  1. 360 degree view


2D images presented a singular view. Even with images taken from different angles, the comparison isn’t quite comfortable. With 360 degree views, manufacturers are not jus able to show the dimensions in real time but also present better details on the packaging, contours, color tones, dimensions and other visual aspects of the product.



  1. Animation


Animations will further extend the visual significance by showcasing how exactly a product works and what tasks it can be put to. This way, the customer expectation is better met, away from the traditional marketing practices.



3D modeling brings products to life on the screen. Studies have revealed that 3D models of product add to the confidence and trust a customer can lay on the product and that it would be perfectly suitable for their needs. The advantages of 3D modeling range from 3D product shots to commercial animations and actual packaging. This is the best way to communicate the idea of the product to clients, customers, managers, developer and every stakeholder associated with the product.



Power to the package


Right from pitching product ideas to clients to coming up with a product prototype by engineers to showcasing the same to customers in a new light, 3D modeling has gained increasing popularity in the eCommerce world. Many companies have started hiring 3D illustrators and creating a whole new department. 3D modeling is a cost effective investment but the results are highly benefiting. Whether its chocolate bars or a luxury sedan; a 3D view of the product is more marketable than the plain 2D images. While few manufacturers are still uncomfortable with the idea of CG illustrations, they certainly are going to take over the marketing process in the recent future.



Adding creativity to the table


3D presents a lot of creative opportunity to the marketer. The concept of imagery can include a lot of transition from hand drawn sketches to concept sketching and real time modeling. The main takers of the 3D modeling illustration include the automobile manufacturers today. Creative modeling allows designers to create an artistic level of output without compromising on the workflow. With product design, 3D modeling is a complete package that gives an edge to manufacturers. This is also the best way that technology can be used creatively to the advantage of marketers. With constant research, more number of opportunities are opening up and this certainly would be affecting the ecommerce world in the near future.

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