Injecting Emotions into your websites

Hello all,


Most of the web designers are resorting to the infusion of varied emotions into their websites, inspite of web designing being technologically above all the modes of crafts. Website designing needs the hands of hotshot artists that can interpret complexities into much simple logic and designs. They should be flexible enough to absorb the latest upcoming trends within their creations and should be more open to revolutionizing industry!


If we notice the speed of web designing car, we can see that there has been a lot of gear shifting that has gone into it. The websites conceptualized during the initial years of the designing, lacked persona and the characters in them. Most of the business eliminated the humor and the creativity tinge as they believed them to be enemy of great business traits.


This approach has been evolved during the last decade as people have seen the power of more alive and engaging designs over the stuffy and machine looking designs. Many times it happens that there is a fight that goes on in our brain regarding something. I am referring to the point where there is a confusion regarding what to do. Same have been happening with the designers as they thrive between the left hand side and the right hand side of the brain.


Left hand side of the brain is considered to be focused on accuracy and the perfection. Though they have been successful in past years, but in current scenarios more pitching of emotions is required. This is the attribute of right hand website. Imagine what these designers could produce, if they used a perfect blend of both the sides. I am sure it would be a BANG ON!


It has been proved in recent studies that one feels attracted to something that is appealing or when they feel connected with it. They feel like trusting on the information or the product marketed by them and trust being one of the most scared emotion, definitely aid in keeping the visitor glued to your website. Thus, going by the need of hour, designers should find out a solution to humanize their website that could give them a feel of interacting with a human and not handling a machine.


How to go about it? Well the first and the foremost thing that matters the most is the usability. While designing it should be kept in mind that the design needs to be clean, smooth, interactive and easy to be navigated. By doing so the website would have a rock solid foundation and emotions can dive in easily. By adding creative details and ‘out of box’ elements would make your website special. The feeling can be compared to the moment you receive a token of love from your loved ones without any particular occasion.


For sure one cannot add emotions randomly into the website. The website would yield perfect result if the audience is known. By knowing the audience I just not mean to their demographic features, but also I refer building a marketing persona and hitting them beyond the surface. To quote it in simpler words, it is like putting up a face to the viewers, which would give them a feel of having interactions with you.  The detailing to the marketing persona would help the designer to have a sneak peak to what interests their visitors. The websites using this technique would connect more quickly and more firmly with their viewers as compared to rest of the websites.


The next would be colors and images. Colors command over different emotions and they are famous for causing mood swings in the viewer’s mood. According to the color therapy, any sudden changes in the hues of colors would lead to evoking of the emotions, displaying drastic changes in the mood of the viewer. Images also play a crucial role. As people get attracted to the images that have been uploaded or the pictures that are emotion loaded, is sure shot to reach out to people’s hearts. And if they are snapshots of real people or situations, they tend to penetrate more deeply into viewer’s heart. Also, adding an appropriate picture and in accordance with the concept of website, encodes the message more clearly for the audience to understand it. After all a picture is worth 1000 words…


The last but not the least would be the content inscribed on to the pages of the websites. If there is a feeling or emotions that have been infused into the writings, a more strong bond is seen established between the reader and the developer. They should sound as different voices that can actually solve or answer the queries of the consumers. In short, the readers should have their questions answered while, witnessing your designs.


We have started to build our websites by believing our gut feelings and our emotions. And to be honest there has been a great positive acceptance from the audience and the client. Where are you? Emotions are calling…..

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