iOS 7 Updates Look a Little Too Familiar to Some Apple Developers

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Apple is a pioneer in creating devices which are unsurpassed in terms of innovation. However, Stephen Orth used to wonder why metadata was not used by Apple, which could have allowed its users organize their pictures more easily. With this thought in mind he began to develop his own app in spare time. Photowerks is the result of his efforts, which lets the users organize their photos based on location and date.

According to Orth he found it quite confusing why Apple didn’t offer this feature, but he was sure that Apple will definitely do it someday.

Not even a month has passed that Apple has already launched the latest option for its app, iPhoto, which is called Moments and it allows the photos and as well as videos to be organized according to location and time.

He was present as a viewer at the famous event where Apple launched this new feature which he found amazingly similar to what he had created. While he initially thought that Apple has finally offered what many users were already looking for, however his reaction was clearly reflected in his post on Twitter, which mentioned that his app has been “sherlocked”.

Sherlocked is a term which has been much in use since it was first introduced in 2002. It all started when Apple launched Sherlock 3, which a large number of people in developer community consider to be a rip off another application called Watson. Apple has been the target of accusations at many times and the same case was repeated at the latest WWDC event. Most of the features introduced by Apple in around two hours were taken from various apps, along with the one developed by Orth.

The reactions have been varied however; as many companies have insulted Apple saying that it took so long to get closer to the features already introduced by them. The times have come when Apple introducing apps and features similar to the ones already introduced by other companies is being considered as inevitable.

It is agreeable that developers and companies take inspiration from each other and try to come up with apps which are better than the existing ones. It is fair to let someone copy your design or concept, when you are copying the same from someone else. However there are some who feel humbled when similarities between their apps and the ones introduced by Apple are pointed out, as they feel that it will help to increase the demand and market of their apps.

Orth might like to disagree with this thought when it comes to Photowerks. He is planning to make some changes, like an improved search feature and better sharing options which will help to differentiate his app and the one that is introduced by Apple. At the same time, he recognizes that the demand for his app will start to fade off and he has already started paying attention to another project.

This is not the first time when Orth had to deal with such an ordeal. He had introduced an app in the past as well, after the release of original model in 2007. The demand and sale of app was going fine, till other competitors jumped in the field and started offering similar apps, which lowered his sales considerably.

The app world is highly competitive and once launched, your app is open for anyone to copy and launch as his own. However, for someone like Orth, who is an iOS developer, it becomes difficult to cope up with the situation, when the competitor if no one else but Apple.

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