iOS and Android Gamers can now play games with each other

By updating the gaming options, Google has launched multiplayer support for iOS and Android.


Gaming is one of the biggest lure for Android customers, who make a prominent share of the smart phone market these days and Google is all set to give an edge to the game developers with its recently updated gaming options.


The recently concluded Game Developers Conference, which was held in San Francisco this week, Google was seen announcing a variety of excitingly new features and tools designed specifically for Android game developers. These tools and features are aimed at attracting more users and giving them a chance to expand their viewer ship and make more money.


An amazing range of 18 gaming categories will be introduced by Google Play app store within this month, which is expected to present a whole lot of options to both, developers and users, when selecting a game. The new categories will be an expansion of the Cards & Casino, Brain & Puzzle, and Arcade & Action options already existing in Google Play and will be including singular topics, such as strategy, simulation, role playing, word, trivia, family, racing, sports and various others.


A wonderful addition to the Play Games, a game-specific app, is certainly the introduction of multiplayer invites, which will let the existing players help their friends in discovering new games. Along with this, players can now also get gaming gifts which can be used to send virtual currencies to other players.


Expanding its reach to iOS


However, Google is in no way confining its competencies in mobile gaming at Android. As it aims at making its presence felt on every platform, along with Web, it is set to explore the mobile operating system of Apple, including iPads and iPhones.


By extending its multiplayer support to iOS, Google is bringing turn based and real time gaming to players which are making use of an app on any of these operating systems. Simultaneously, Google is set to update its plug-in for its open source platform for players, Unity, in order to support services offered across the platforms.


The approach adopted by Google towards mobile games resembles the one it uses for everything which is connected to Internet. In simple words, it desires to become the hub or a vital platform to discover, interact, develop and monetize.


Google does not find it sufficient to limit the reach of its mobile gaming to Android, as there are immense opportunities available for roping in developers and gamers of iOS as well. Moreover, Google does not consider Android as a confined place, with limited opportunities, where users and developers are required to restrict themselves to just Google Play store. On the contrary, it is striving to expand its services further than what users and developers think Android can offer them by extending its multiplayer support to iOS, as well as enhancing its plug-in, Unity.


 Earning Rewards


Google is set to launch another version of analytics, specifically for the game developers of Google Play Developer Console. This includes making a dashboard available for developers through which player retention, leader board performance and engagement for users who have signed in, can be tracked.


However, analytics bring along advertisements. The analytics platform of Google is going to be introduced directly on AdMob interface specifically for the developers of mobile games. Along with that, players will be able to make purchases through advertisements shown during games. It means if an ad catches the fancy of a player, then he will not be required to close the app for making the purchase.


With the ability to make in-app purchases, Google is believed to reduce the flow of user interaction among action and advertisement, by eliminating an intermediary along the way.

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