IOS apps become more user friendly with Chrome X-callback

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Last year witnessed a number of courtroom tussles and exchange of allegations in the tech streets. Acquisitions and Patent violation issues were the only news that dominated the journals.  One such tech battle was triggered by Apple when they dumped Google apps from their latest version of iOS 6.

IPhone 5 was eagerly awaited and so were the modifications that were largely kept hidden for a longer period of time. All Google applications such as Youtube, Google maps and others were not given a space in the iOS6‘s portfolio of inbuilt apps. Rather, Apple introduced its own set of applications as alternatives to the ones by offered by Google. While the streaming videos were given a thumb down by the users, Apple’s map app was hugely criticised that compelled the CEO to publicly release an apology for the bugs.

Google mostly stayed as a silent observer (as it always does) and waited for the ball to bounce back in its court until Apple agreed to revive the iOS platform and bring back all Google enabled apps. Subsequently, Google registered another chapter to its undisputed market dominance that was restricted to the Search engine services only and later included the mobile technology. While the search engine has become habitual of such tantrums from its competitors (Remember Yahoo joining hands with Microsoft and later with Facebook), the ones thrown by Apple did snatch the CEO’s evening sleep.

The buzz is that Google has released another reminder (sounds a threat) for the iOS developers to consider its X-calback feature, specifically developed to access the web from the apps. Moreover, they have asked the developers to consider the feature more seriously as it can be used as a default web browser for apps.

Till now the users had the option of accessing the net from the apps using Apple’s Webtoolkit. However, once they entered into the World Wide Web, there is no option of switching back to the app which had to be done separately. Google x calback emerges a winner here. Users can access the net from the apps and can get back to the app directly with a push button on the top left corner that functions just like a back button.

However, the usual ego market giants’ posses could be seen here as well. After Google did a daring effort in publicly asking the iOS developers to use x-cal back, Apple has stated that Google’s Chrome is just a web browser app.

It is ironical that Google has always expressed desire in the iOS platform when its Android is the biggest competitor to the former.  All these advancements have ignited the speculations of Apple considering to move beyond and rethink its conventional approach of restricting its product and apps to the in-house hardware only.

Steve Jobs believed in this, so are the current executives and so will be the loyal fans.  For now, the mobile platform battle between Google and Apple continues leaving the user benefiting the most out of splurging apps being released every day.


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