Is social shopping changing the e-Commerce Story

Convenience, blend with fun has been an integral mix that e-com retailers have brought into people’s shopping. To make seamless purchases, buyers have chalked off the need to visit brick and mortar stores, with simply locating their best matching e-commerce stores on their mobile devices. And with all this, marketing phenoms take to social media and spread words about the availability of latest products in the e-market. The two concepts had to inevitably abut to bring out a nex-gen revolution in the e-commerce sector.
The Social Shopping Story
To provide users with a perfect environment for online shopping in quick steps than multiple baby steps, online shopping sites enable users to shop through their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Social shopping is one of the many inroads that the ecommerce marketplace is building on. Some of the most popular ecommerce websites like Amazon too are taking to developing platforms for linking marketing programs via social media sites.
Richard Fouts, VP at Gartner Research shares the chance of a 5% of total sales of consumer goods by 2017 to be initiated through social media alone. Shopping Malls and places allow for visitors to meet and connect to share information about multiple products wherein marketers also target these places as a cynosure for mass marketing of their products. E-commerce retailers’ aspiration to create a similar kind of shopping experience led to deriving the concept of Social Shopping . The Social Media offered the perfect space to combine the two concepts, creating the perfect e-com storm.
The Social Shopping Appeal and the Changing Market Landscape
Referral sites and blogs have had one missing link in the information sharing about products. While blogs allow for information from strangers about the current products in the market, they offer lesser chance for friends n acquaintances to come together and discuss information about multiple products.  Social Shopping bypasses this challenge and allows friends to come together in a digital environment view and share marketing information along with the ability to chat about their experiences. This advent of social shopping capabilities has allowed e-commerce retailers to tap feelings and emotions of people in their communication with friends. Social Shopping also provides an easy access to making purchases right on the spot. On the landscape of the e-commerce industry retailers will not only see a bump in the sales, but also an increase in the number of potential customers. With the power that the word of mouth has, benefits drawn from sales through referrals are humongous.
For many and more retailers, social media marketing focuses on brand development. However, the recent months have seen a gradual shift towards lead generation as well. The relatively smaller group of shoppers on social media is highly fertile and requires lesser efforts as the word of mouth marketing already stands enveloping the sphere.  This generates a lesser risky move to withdraw funding spared for branding on social media and apply those to other places where it can be used to bring customers to the point of purchase. Research has shown that today’s buyer is highly potent and willing to make a purchase anytime, anywhere; largely understood as the phenomena of impulse buying. Shopping through social media- known now as Social Shopping which has helped retailers find the time when potential customers are willing to buy tugging their friends along.
Social Shopping started initially as a trend, but is soon to become a vital element of the post-modern culture with social networks becoming an extension to our public lives. The Indian Smartphone Market currently is the fourth largest in the world with about 117 million users not only accessing the internet but using their mobile phones to shop as well. The e-commerce industry thus in India too is highly fertile and capitalizing.
The exponential growth in these markets has without any doubts made ecommerce development companies pull the strings, consecutively developing into their own assortment of “Social Commerce” platforms.
Here’s the top 5 social commerce websites with the ruling roost in India.
1. Voonik: About 10,000+ downloads a month, as recorded last September

2. Klip: Creates a community of users with fashion interests of the likeklip-logo
3. Wooplr: Leverages the culture of offline shopping with the platform for product recommendation



4. LimeRoad: Provides a library of Fashionable looks you can buy


5. Memoirs: Their motto- “Fashion, Fun and Friends”; says it all

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