Jurassic Parking Simulator – Most Scintillating and an Adventurous Android Game

Get back into the vagaries of the time into a most suppurating and hair raising world of dinosaurs. You will be equally stimulated as you enter into their world and amazingly true through your mobile application. Yes! You have guessed it right! It is a Jurassic Park Stimulator, a game conceived and developed by Miracle Studios.


It is a game of skill and adventure where your driving skill and your dedicated trail into the world of dinosaurs will count. As soon you entered into the dinosaurs’ world you will feel pulsating movement of your nerves, and your excitement peeking high. You will get to see many vehicles standing, that you will choose to ride in a “Dinosaurs Safari”. Once you have selected your favorite vehicle, you will see yourself get going.


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You will find many species of dinosaurs, small ones and huge like monsters. Some of them will also be flying through you or some crossing your car. Some may even just be walking sideways and some trying to hit you. The skill is you have to drive your car through these dinosaurs and protect your car from getting hit.

Jurassic Parking Game


As you drive your car, chances are it getting down or hit and fuel emptied. Here, you will get all the help. All through the route, you can have access to the spare parts for your vehicle like Steering Wheel pads, and technical help for quickly repairing and even power ups. If you are regularly getting hits, you will get three lives to save yourself. If you are able to reach your destination, you will be an ultimate winner.


It is a very easy game to play, as well as good time pass and also built your driving skills. More so you can also gain knowledge about these gigantic living beings who were ruling the earth in the past.


You can Downland it free in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carsimulatorgames.jurrasicparking. Also, not forget to rate, Review and +1 for this wonderful game.


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