Just 47% of Facebook Users Get News From the Social Network

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Some interesting statics shared today, As we all know that Facebook became the most popular social media site in very less time by offering users around the world an easy and simple way of interacting and staying in touch with their friends and family. News feed is a popular feature of this social media site, which is aimed at keeping the users updated about latest happenings in their circle of friends. They can also get regular updates about various pages that they might have joined or liked. Although this feature is considered an integral part of the Facebook experience, however it is amazing to know that less than half of the total numbers of users actually use this social network for getting news updates. Other sites like Twitter are far ahead of Facebook when it comes to relying for staying updated.

It has been found by a survey that it is Reddit which is the favourite of online users to get their regular feed of news. Around 62% users have agreed that Reddit is their first choice for getting latest news. When talking about the site which is least popular among users, then that is Pinterest. Only 3% of total online users have said that they rely on this site for news.

It is clear from the findings of this survey that although Facebook has been successful in attracting millions of users and becoming the first choice of many, when it comes to stay connected with one’s friends or family, no matter whichever part of the world they are living, but it still has a long way to go for making users realize its importance as a news update platform. As users give preference to other sites for staying updated about latest happenings around the world, Facebook really has to work on this feature and make it more impactful to avoid its users from running to other sites when they need their daily dose of news.

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