Learn Why a Web Developer Should Be a Web Designer Too

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It has always have been a topic to debate that whether a Web Developer shall also be an expert in Web designing or not. It is always questioned that should a web developer be learning the HTML basics and the coding languages?


Although, as per the experts it is always correct to be just a web developer and not necessarily be a web designer. For the one who are new into these dimensions we have got some points to justify the work responsibility of each of these two.


Web Developer: Someone who has the knowledge and skills of programming and is much involved in the developing the application for World Wide Web.


Web Designer: Someone who is involved in graphic designing, coding, UX (User Experience), SEO and the interface designing is called a Web Designer. Although some may have conflict with a web designer associated with coding as well.


Each of these two dimensions have their own role to play in the world of Website designing and development. For an organization dealing with designing and development these both of the responsibilities can be vital and carries a lot of importance as well.


The importance of User Experience


For any of the websites, the user experience is the most important factor if they need to generate revenue out of the website. As the user is the key factor deciding the success of the website, the experience they get from the websites becomes a deciding factor for it. And for this the creativity and the understanding of the user experience comes in focus and not just the fundamental coding. The website’s accessibility, interactivity, navigation and usability create an impact on the user. There are high chances of the user not turning back again on the website if his or her experience is not good with the website’s features. The outdated designs and the dysfunctional system can be also the reason for the user for not returning to your website.


Earn More!

It is always beneficial if you know the skills of the web designer and also the web developer. With this you can have the dual chances of reaching a new height in your career as well and doubles your income, what is wrong in that? In fact, clients are more interesting in multidimensional approaches of the services provider with more features, both designing and developing. You can have your own prices chargeable on the clients as you have the double competencies.


Well, both are necessary


Yes, to be precise development without designing is an incomplete process. If you are a web developer and you are reading this article, you must take the learning of having both the competencies, which in future can benefit you in your professional life. This is one of the way with which you can keep yourself relevant and can keep on flourishing in your profession as well. And somewhere you also understand how important the web designing is, and this can take you a mile away in the race as there are plethoras of opportunities coming up in the field of web designing and with the web development you can have an added advantage to grab them and make a successful career.


Have a nice day.

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