Let’s hear it for the Webmasters from Google

Google Webmaster Tool – The recent trends have revolutionized the web world. With splurging number of websites being developed and going live every other hour, the freedom of expression has strengthened and so has the necessity to promote your website. Websites are the next popular personalized tool one desires. Everybody wishes to have a website or at least a personalized blog.Although developing a creative website with quality content is of prime priority, it is immensely important to analyze your product before jumping in the market. To know the bits and bytes of your website, Google’s web master tool is a smart option

Google Web master tool educates about everything and anything related to your website, the traffic stats, the level of popularity, reader’s response, return value and any threat of online bugs. It also gives the information the website search quires, HTML improvement, fetch the url that you want to index and most important link to your site. It assists you in knowing the current stature of your website in such a giant ocean of other web products.

Besides, assisting you in improving the technical attributes such as restrained speed of loading pages, Google web master tool skillfully creates a detailed report about the end to end performance of your website along with rankings and other stats that inform about its visibility on the search engine.While registering on Google web master tool is free, it is equally important to employee the features skillfully letting your website attain maximum benefits.

Like all other Google applications, you can log in to your web master account using similar login details. Once you get in to your website’s Web master account, you’ll be guided to a page that lets you access information in three main domains, diagnostics (What troubles your website), your site’s visibility on the web (How Google perceives your website), and site configuration (managing your website).

However, the best feature here allows you in customizing your target readership. That is, you can ask for your website appearing higher in rankings on search results in a particular region. Subsequently, Google will act based on your website’s performance. Yes, the web master smartly streamlines the regions where you site would appear.

‘Crawler stats’ is an amazing application the web master tool offers. Besides, assisting you in knowing  the speed of  the website, it additionally specifies the usual time individual page takes to land and what accordingly should be done to optimize the performance. Also, any crucial information regarding spams and bugs that may creep in or are expected to attack your site soon.  This comes as a great measure that allows you to follow some precautionary steps. Moreover, assistance is there for you from the tool whenever asked for.

Pinning a site map to your websites main page is important to guide the readers of the entire content published on the site so far.  Of course not the traditional guide map we add to display the archive of web content on either side of the page.  Web Mater tool prepares a specialized dynamic sitemap that by itself displays the most recently published content. Although there are numerous tools available for the purpose but then nothing beats Google.

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