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What is Drupal


Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform for websites that are content rich and user communities. Drupal is the choice web development platform for some of the biggest sites on the web, and can be adapted to virtually any design.


Features of Drupal


Drupal is open


It is a ten year old language that was released as an open-source software under the GNU Public License. This means that it is completely free to download, use, and modify. Further, there are no purchase, license, or maintenance fees associated with Drupal. You save on a lot of costs while running a website based on Drupal.


Drupal is Best for Web Development


Drupal’s by default is used for database-backed web platform complete with many file maintenance tools. It is complimented with a high level of security. With so many add Ons available, many developers take advantage of Drupal’s extensible architecture to customize and extend the Drupal package according to what the business or the website demands.


Drupal is Socially Enabled


Drupal essentially is a multi-user system, that lets the site visitors login or browse the site. As website owner is very important that you are able to control the access levels and Drupal allows you to do this easily. The developer can create “roles” to grant or restrict the permission levels.


Drupal is Content Friendly


Drupal is a web platform that both hosts and promotes the content. Because it is socially enabled, it can easily reach out to give you a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and in other venues through promoting your content. Drupal’s built-in search engine friendly features also give search engines what they want; this improves your web presence dramatically.


Drupal is Scalable


Drupal has proven itself repeatedly in the field on sites with over a million pages, and at over 20,000 requests per second. Its core installation handles over 99 percent of use cases, while free optimization tools and a large base of Drupal-trained administrators address the other one percent.


Drupal is Awesome With Design


Drupal site is described in CSS. The site designs come from “themes” which can improve the visual presentation of the website. Drupal.org hosts hundreds of free, fully customizable themes, including several “base themes” to help you launch your own designs.


Drupal is Everywhere


Drupal runs millions of web sites, including many of the world’s biggest. It is especially strong among major governments and industry-leading enterprises, but is easy enough to be the platform of choice for individuals and small companies.


Drupal is Secure


Drupal is used by thousands of high profile web sites and is subject to rigorous security testing both by the Drupal community and by security experts around the world. Drupal’s core code has been proven to prevent common security vulnerabilities such as those defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).


Should You Do it Yourself or Outsource it to Pros


Drupal portals and web applications that make your business idea shine, requires expertise of professionals. Developers can create products that can integrate tools and techniques in your framework easily to make your final product more rewarding. Good development companies can propel Drupal to perform and guarantee breakthrough results that can help you, the business owner take complete control of your web development cost and reduce the associated risks. Professional developers are pre-equipped to deal with market changes and frequesnt updates which can detrack ou from your core competencies.


 About Miracle Studios

As an agile Drupal development company India, Miracle Studios has a team of expert developers that work dedicatedly for your web success. At Miracle Studios, we just do not settle for mediocrity, and make sure our processes only deliver the best performance. Looking forward to serve you.




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