Looking for ways to market your new iPhone game? Get to know here!

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With an ever-increasing rage for iPhone games and apps, developers bring forth new games every now and then. The app market is increasing at mammoth pace which is creating an environment of fierce competition. Therefore it becomes extremely important that your game stands out in the crowd and get noticed by the users rather than just gathering the dust on Apple app shelves.

As you release a new game, it will be parked in ‘new releases’ category for a while, making its visibility limited. And if dozen other apps are releasing on the same day, then your hard luck!  Therefore, banking on App Store solely to promote your game is a half-baked way to get the success.  This fuels up the need of marketing your game at the other platforms as well.

The other profitable ways are-


Make an announcement

To begin with, make your app visible by creating a web page of the same and market it on your portal if you have any.  Also, you can make an announcement if you have a social media account or a blog of your own.  Further, you can send the announcements so made to the iPhone app sites.  Posting it on App Store scraper won’t do any good as your app will automatically show up there. So, you can target review/news sites by contacting them. These sites gather more traffic as they are informative and have genuine content about the latest apps.  Such websites generally do not review app by new developers but what’s the harm in trying?


Free Trial

To make users try your new game app, launch it for free of cost. This will allow them to evaluate it and give reviews about the same in the app store.  Once you receive the good reviews, you can determine the price of your app accordingly.


Promo Codes

Since Apple issues only 50 promotional codes for your app, make sure you do not request for all 50 codes at a time.  Requesting 5-10 codes at the moment is appropriate. With the help of this code, a user can download your game from the App store for free. Therefore, it is very crucial that you keep a record of your codes and track of the persons to whom you have sent each code to.


Press Releases

When it comes to promotion of your game via conventional mediums like TV shows, newspapers, magazines etc, press release can serve your purpose. Identify your target audience and choose the right media. Moreover, PRMac.com and PRWeb.com can also help to promote your game app via press release.



Though advertising may sound a costly option but if you think your game has a potential to reach the targeted audience, this is just the right medium to create a buzz about your game app.  Advertising can position your product into the minds of prospective buyers leading to generate sale revenue.



iPhone-specific Ad networks

Ad networks like Medialets.com and AdMob.com are another way to market your game apps. These networks run ads directly on iPhone.




Facebook is the tried and tested method to promote your game app. Though it runs general ads mostly but it also offers their own advertising.  So, scrutinize the Facebook apps that are related to the theme of your app and get going. Apart from that, creating Facebook fan page can bring your game under the spotlight.



Word of mouth

Some developers thoroughly believe in word of mouth.  Developers talk to each other about their views, ideas, share codes and probable obstructions that come in the way of development. This way they spread information about the game apps they have developed. Also, they reach non-technical media journalists who directly reach the consumers. Fueling up word of mouth with PR is another way to extend information.


iPhone App Marketing

Use of Google ad words (PPC) by iPhone app developers is another way to bring attention to the game apps you wanted to promote. This method brings people to the website where they can find a link to the online demonstration regarding the app. Further, showing video of users looking for new app on You Tube could also help in the promotional motive.


Newsletter Marketing

Introducing your new game app to the existing as well as potential customers via creating an attractive and effective newsletter is another method of bringing the eyeballs to your new creation. The newsletter so created should convey the message in the best possible manner and should include all the features about the game.
The above mentioned methods can be used separately or in combination to market your new game app. So, make sure your game app shift from ‘new release’ category to ‘favorites’ category bringing in the fortune for you!


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