Low Poly 3D models for mobile games, we make em!

Hi there….in this post we would be discussing about low poly modeling..
Coding a game is something else, and making graphics for it….a different story all together. Let’s get a couple of things clear before we move ahead to discuss how are 3D models for games created. In this post we are not discussing 3D Modeling for PC games – we are going to talk about 3D modelling for mobile games.


I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to what 3D graphics are specially if you have played games like Subway Surfers and Temple run. Making 3D models which are going to be used in mobiles are made keeping in mind the different devices the game would be played in.


What are these differences you might ask… and to sum up everything they are called “Polygons or Poly’s”. To describe polygons a bit more, and of course in the easiest possible way – they are nothing more than building blocks of any 3D model. A 3D model can either be made using high number of polys or low.


High Poly Models

1) Higher polys are used in models which have extreme attention to detail.

2) High Poly models are smooth and realistic.

3) High Poly models utilize more rendering power and need higher level graphics to present them. (Ever wondered why some 3D games are leggy on your computer/device, but works fine on your friends…. we’ll get to it in a minute)


Example of a high poly model below: (copyright gears of war)


Low Poly Models

1) Used where attention to detail is not required

2) Low poly models are not generally smooth

3) Low poly models work well in low graphic power PC’s or Devices

Example of a low poly model:



It is quote evident from the points above as to why Low poly models are used for mobile games. Simple reason – mobile devices have less graphical power as compared to a computer or more.. having a graphics card.

Here are some easy FAQ’s to help you understand this more.


Are different modeling software’s used for high and low poly modeling?
NOPE, the software’s used are the same – but the only difference is during the creation part. For modeling, 3D Max and Maya are the industry favorites.


Low poly models don’t look great, i want to use high poly in my mobile games.
It’s like killing an ant with a box of TNT. There is absolutely NO USE. There is no point in creating something beautiful, which runs slow or does not run at all even in your iPad. Functionality over Design.


Name a few mobile games which use low poly models:
Subway Surfers, Temple run


What about animating a model. For example making it run…?
The animation of a model like running is a process called “Rigging”
Here is an example of a low poly model and the bone structure created for it for a game we are currently producing. A bone structure is given to the model and later animated.



Well, that was the basics on Low poly modeling. If you are interested in hiring us for modeling your mobile or PC game, please feel free to GET IN TOUCH.


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