Magento Development: The new age E-Commerce platform

Magento development – An  Ecommerce platform which is most popular platforms ever with more than 240,000 merchants across the globe trusting the Magento’s e-commerce software.


What is Magento development?

Magento is a high quality development program which is mostly used in developing e-commerce solutions which are compatible to the browsers. It also offers SEO friendly development which implies the usage of alt tags for all the product images to be posted in an e-commerce portal.


Magento is very flexible and it also allows the developer to modify the existing features or even to add new ones. The integration of other platforms is also made easier with the introduction of Magento.


Emergence of Magento


Magento was founded by Roy Rubin  which was earlier named as Varien, and is now acquired by eBay. The prime goal of Varien was to enable the feature of customization and comfort the usability and that was the reason the company gained success and huge clients as they continued with e-commerce. The Magento has a much more flexible product catalog than that of any other e-commerce applications.


Why Magento is talked so much?


Magento is discussed so very much in compare to other platforms, just because of the features it carries which includes, scalability, customization, a better support to the developers and customers and many more.


Some features, benefits and value provided by Magento:

1.   Enables the establishment of customizable and professional stores

2.   It carries the creative and functional facilities that can add value to the stores

3.   With Magento comes an open source e-commerce platform along with framework

4.   Creation and addition of customized extensions made possible with Magento

5.   It fulfills the specific requirements of the store owner’s


Comparison between Magento and other platforms:


1.  Multiple Stores setup:  With Magento a store owner can have several stores managed from one admin panel. It is the ‘one click’ solution which is offered by Magento only. It also enables to have separate IP addresses,security certificates and domains.
2.  Best for Marketing Purposes:  Only Magento offers a wide range of effective tools such as ‘cross-sells’ and ‘up-sells’ which allows the users to buy many products, and gradually it affects the sales and increases the revenue. Magento also offers the SEO friendly URLs.


3.  Customized Themes:  With Magento you can have the customized themes and can obtain any of the templates of your choices. You can also obtain various themes as per the requirement and with Magento you can have a temporary design and permanent designs as well.


4.  Google Analytics:  Regular tracking of an E-commerce site is the most important aspect for its owner. With Magento the assurance of the performance of site can be checked regularly along with the tax report, most viewed products reports and the abandoned shopping cart reports can also be.


5.  Better options of browsing products:  With Magento enabling the user-friendly browsing experience the users can browse on your e-commerce portal with much ease. From up-sell and cross-sell the flexible merchandising also enables the anytime stock check, which most of the other platforms fail to offer.


As per the research statistics, it is obvious that Magento provides the better features and hence is the leading open source for the e-commerce platform all over the world.


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