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Before figuring out the best eCommerce software and platform available in the marketplace today, it’s imperative to understand what exactly an eCommerce “platform” is, especially when one aspires to build a scalable and robust online store.


An eCommerce platform is online store builder software that possesses the flexibility to scale the online store for advanced features and functions with time to help leverage growth in the future. Some of the best platforms that are available today include Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento etc. Magento is an online eCommerce platform that has gained immense popularity in the recent years and a large percentage of eCommerce stores have started using Magento, given the numerous benefits that it offers.


Survey 2013: Magento Trounces Other eCommerce Platforms in the Race


Magento, one of the leading online eCommerce platforms is not only popular but has others in the race to become the most outstanding eCommerce platforms. As per a survey, conducted in 2013 across top 1 million top sites on Alexa, and Magento stood out to be the most used and popular eCommerce platforms. The statistics also pointed that this eCommerce development platform has also garnered more customers in 2013 as compared to 2012. Well, the best part is that Magento trounced all other platforms quite effortlessly. The survey that was conducted clearly demonstrated that about 26% of the top Alexa 1 million sites have deployed Magento as their online eCommerce tool. Apparently, it becomes lucid that it is widely preferred by a large number of sites that have multiple requisites.


Also, compared to past, the number of eStores that are using Magento has raised by about 30% that clearly showcases that how fast this robust and scalable eCommerce platform is growing.


Why should You Opt Magento?


Well, there are several benefits and advantages that Magento offers and this is why it has become one of the most used eCommerce platforms across the continents. Currently, Magento is experiencing an incredible and unprecedented growth. An astounding amount of security and versatility is offered by Magento, and this is one of the major reasons that customers are giving up eCommerce platforms like OSCommerce.  The tremendous growth in Magento’s customer base is the proof of the fact that people who have been using this platform have tasted consistent success. Besides, Magento offers highly handy themes and extensions along with an astonishing support community. These factors can be extremely beneficial for improving the performance of any online business. Thus, if you have an eStore but are not using Magento, opting for it will certainly help you to achieve better sales, better performance, and lesser maintenance and above all, improved business standards. Some of the important factors that make Magento the top eCommerce platforms are:


   Highest Adoption


   Astounding support

   A wide range of extensions and themes

   Encompasses a broad spectrum of marketing tools

   SEO friendliness

   Open Source eCommerce platform


If Magento keeps on progressing the way it’s doing, by next year, it will be way ahead of all the other eCommerce platforms. So, it’s the right time to adopt Magento and experience augmented bottom lines in the business.


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