Magento vs Opencart, Which one would you prefer?

Are you looking ahead to establish an e-commerce business? Do you have an idea about the perfect platform and steps that need to be followed? There are a number of questions that may come across to your mind while choosing the effective platform to achieve success in this field.

In this hi-tech era, there is a wide range of platforms available to serve all your business need and requirement. However, it’s your job to find the best option for your business by simply evaluating the pros and cons of each platform available out there so that, you can make the right choice for your business purpose.

There are two popular choices known as Magento and Open Cart to serve you with this. In case you are getting confused between these two options, let us help you to make your task little easier while choosing the right one for you.



Magento is considered one of the most effective open-source e-commerce solutions. This platform provides you the perfect crowd of implausible features that deliver the professional approach and flexibility required in this process. By choosing Magento as your e-commerce platform, you will experience the complete dominance over the functionality. It gives you an opportunity to take the advantage of all the facilities provided to develop the customized e-commerce site as required to meet your business need. This incredible platform involves search engine optimization (an essential requirement now-a-days), marketing and catalog-management tools for the convenient and effective development process.


Talking about its history, Magento was developed in the year 2001 and since then it has gained huge popularity, all thanks to its feature-rich quality. Further, its recent collaboration with eBay has strengthened its community and it is constantly improving in terms of innovative features, modules and extensions. By far, Magento is known to have best technical support team as compared to any other ecommerce platform. It supports operating systems like UNIX, Windows, Linux and is perfect for the companies which are looking for professional online store visibility.



• This platform provides numerous add-ons that develop the interface required by the owner or user.It also contributes in driving traffic and attracting targeted customers with the help of its SEO-friendly URL’s.
• Magento enables traders to deliver various discount codes.
• This is considered as the customer-focused platform due to its outstanding amenities such as, easy site navigation, customer accounts, product comparison, order history and much more.
• It also provides a wide range of reporting options including search, low stock, inventory and sales report.
• It is the most successful platform as it can efficiently support a large number of online stores through a solo administrative zone.
• Magento assures increase in traffic and draws prospective customers, thanks to its SEO-friendly URL’s.


Open Cart

Open Cart is another great option for e-commerce platform. It is known as an open-source PHP based e-commerce shopping cart platform. Open Cart is considered a user-friendly solution that provides a useful option for internet traders to develop their own shopping carts at affordable price. Moreover, it delivers a broad range of well-suited payment gateways, which includes PayPal and Worldpay. Recently, it has updated the tax system along with auto-complete for clients, orders and products.


Benefits of Open Cart –

•  Open Cart is considered a light-weight and easy download option. It can be easily installed on your system.
•  This platform is quite simple to use and one does not require any specific skill to understand this. A user can easily

handle the control panel section to move ahead.
•  This platform provides you free software and support system that will be accessible.
•  Open Cartis quite appropriate for start-up ventures due to its proficiency to open store immediately after its software installed.


Common Traits of Both-

• Both are open-source free platforms that allow numerous modification possibilities to the user.
•  Both platforms support several currencies and languages, thereby attracting people across the nations.
•  Large communities supporting both platforms wash out any misconceptions or doubts arising.
•  Both platforms are PHP driven
•  Both facilitate limitless categories and products
•  Though both the platforms are template-oriented but Open Cart has less options as compared to Magento
•  Both serve related and grouped products.


From the above discussion, we hope you may get an idea about the best platform that you can meet all your business needs and requirements. Both platforms have their own benefits and drawbacks that play a significant role in your development process. However, selecting the appropriate platform completely depends on your business need, requirements and preferences. Make sure to go for the best platform when creating your own online business store.


In case you need more information related e-commerce development services, feel free to contact us and get all you need.

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