Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

For the success of every business it is very important to choose the best of E-Commerce platform which will eventually scale up your online business and there is no denying the fact that a well-built E-Commerce website creates the face value of your business- your product and the services.

With a number of existing E-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and many more, Magento has still managed to stand out. According to “Builtwith” Statistics, Magento holds approximately 14% of the market share for E-Commerce platform which itself speaks about its popularity.

Nowadays migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 has become the need of the hour. Reason being better performance, the advantage of modern technologies and many more. Magento 2 was released in 2015 and is delivering on its promise of being a much improved and optimized version of the Magento 1 platform. Magento 2’s improved performance and new features provide your customers with a faster, easier shopping experience.

Have a look at some of the benefits of Magneto 2:

    • Improved Performance:

Magento 2 is comparatively faster which results in better performance. Loading of the page in Magneto 2 is 30% to 50% faster when compared to Magneto 1. The better functionality itself results in better traffic handling. Magento 2 has the ability to manage 10 million page views an hour which is incredible.

    • Better Customer Experience:

Magento 2 plays a very important role in improving the customer experience which eventually leads to less abandoned carts and more sales, especially in mobile devices.

Some of the examples of better customer experience are:

      • User-Friendly Checkout:

The checkout process in Magento 2 is much more simplified and streamlines as compared to Magento 1. Better checkout process makes it easier for the customers to reach the cart and complete the orders, thus resulting in better sales and hence more profits. Magento 2 has simplified the registration by allowing customers to create an account after ordering instead of doing that during the checkout process.

      • Better Mobile Browsing Experience:

There is no denying the fact that the world has gone mobile. Nowadays most of the shoppers make the purchase through mobile phones. Magento 2 has improved the browsing experience amongst the mobile users by integrating the enhancements. Magento 2 results in better and higher conversion rates for mobile users.

      • Improved Search:

Searching the products is much easier using Magneto 2. Customers are now able to search the search much faster and more conveniently. Configuration and customization of Elastic Search are simpler and faster, resulting in better search results and fewer development costs.

Some of the other benefits of Magento 2 are:

      • New backend admin panel
      • Fully responsive and touch-friendly for superior UX
      • More native features, with fewer extensions required
      • Easier and less costly to maintain since it’s newer
      • Easier and more cost effective to add functionality
      • Faster frontend performance. Website visitors will not have to wait for full page load to see the primary content.

Magento 2 statistics:

According to a report from Builtwith, 46.16% of the world’s online stores that are using Magento 2 are located in US.

The graph shows the market share of Magento 2 by countries.


The benefits associated and the stats itself shows that Magento 2 is the need of the hour and is very important if you want to improve the performance of your E-Commerce website and apps.  The platform itself is designed with the motive to provide a better experience to the customers and admin. Every business wants to grow at a fast pace and Magento 2 is the way to reach the astonishing heights that every business wants to achieve.

So, if you are still thinking of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you should not further take any more time. Act before you are left behind in this eCommerce race.

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