Mistakes that can mess up a Website Design

A good website design can not only bring in more business, but can easily connect an audience with the brand. A good website design expresses a kind of sincerity that reputes a business in good order. This is why; most of the entrepreneurs strive hard to get their designs perfect. But the important question is what qualifies as a good website design? And what are the main factors that can spoil those standings. There are few websites that have quality products, established themes, and proper structure and yet they fail to perform in the market. The reason is simple; they simply don’t have the design to market their brand well. This is where a good design comes in handy. Let’s read more into the common mistakes that designers and entrepreneurs commit, while churning up their website design.


Loud and hollow

Coming up with a stylish and appealing design doesn’t mean that is must be loaded heavily with graphics and images that slow up the entire loading process? Most of the designers miss out on fact that a designed website has to run effectively on all the browsers all around the world. So that , it must be designed using an appropriate portion of images, so that it can compliment the theme of the business. Designs are just a feel good factor that creates an impression on the client and entice them to their products, the real value lies in the product itself. Designers must ensure that they must not take away their focus away from the product and services of the brand.


Lost and Confused

There are sites that allure the customers, they have that magnetism about them that hold the attention of the viewers and make them wanting for more. But once a user decides to navigate the site, the result is hopelessly disappointing. These sites are so badly structured that users are not able to make any sense into how to navigate through these sites. Few things that must be there in an e-commerce site are the price tag of the product, information on how to purchase and most importantly the contact information of the business. These are the important information that has to be highlighted elegantly in an attractive manner so that the viewers who are navigating the site would know, what to look, where to find the right information.


Home page masters

This is a very wrong notion among the designers that a good website means a good home page. Yes, home holds its significance, but that is not the only thing that counts for a good website. There are some sites that are impressively astounding from the home page and immensely weak with inner page. Result a viewer is left confused, as to what the site is and what exactly is it trying to convey. A good website must be in sync to its theme. It must be consistent and should offer users a feel good factor from page 1 to the last. Home page is important but not so much that it should impose itself heavily on the entire effect of a website.


Latest with trend

Technology keeps changing, and with them the change the designs. For example, today the trend demands responsive websites. These websites are mobile responsive and adjust elegantly to all types of mobile screens. The designers just need to code the websites using HTML 5 and they can get the most cutting edge technology available to them to design their sites. Now, users must be aware of this latest trend, and should time their approach accordingly. They must give their clients what’s in demand. The mobile responsive sites are slowly gaining momentum and are incredibly artistic. Therefore, they must present their users with the best available option.


Know your audience right

Business must be aware of the audience they are targeting with their websites. If a website is for an entertainment hub than the audience will be of the age group 15 to 35, to entice these people the design must be appropriate. Such a site must have a proper entertainment value. And should cover all the aspects that are involved with that business, you must give your audience what they want.


Having right idea is one thing, but presenting it in a manner that would be appealing and will be appreciated by the audience is all together a different aspect. Many things go in coming up with a winning strategy to sell the product on the virtual world, and good design is one of them. If the design isn’t worked up well, then the chances of it making a rightful impact on the business are very minimal. Therefore, the people who are looking to give a zing to their business must choose only the best designers with appropriate experience so that they can deliver them the site, which matters to their business the most.

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