Mobile App or Responsive Design? The Answer in Infographics!

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Do you know Which is the best option among Mobile App and Responsive Design to serve your web users? Do you know the answer? Let’s find it out with the help of infographics.

Are you getting confused while choosing the best mobile experience that can efficiently serve your web audience? Here are the choices: Responsive Web design or any other mobile app.

A popular search engine giant, Google has recently offered a few recommended websites especially for mobile devices.  It has been said that responsive web design is an ideal choice that can charm mobile users. Previously, it has been indicated that websites should be designed in such a way that allows mobile visitors to have a pleasant experience.

So, which is the best route to go with? How to decide which is the right selection? These are some questions that need to be answered for effective solution and the best user experience.

Shopgate: This is one of the best m-commerce solution providers, which perfectly shares its personal opinion on particular subject in a latest white paper regarding responsive web design. This note is intended to claim that online retailers can greatly elevate the number of sales with a distinct mobile website and instinctive mobile app.

Infographics: Nowadays, people do not have enough time to go through such white paper and to find out the best solution here are a few recommendations. There are two different firms known as Monetize, which is a cloud based tech firm and the other Table XI, a digital consultancy company have introduced a quick and convenient infographics that will help you to make the right selection.

Firstly, we will introduce you with top questions that should be answered before you take the final decision. Is your intrinsic mobile app has the capability to obtain benefit of smart phone functionality?

How significant is Personalization?

For a successful mobile app, it is essentially important that your mobile app needs to be capable for better craft personalized experience for a machine with less restraint. A native mobile app is basically linked with a device and develops many other occasions to target and craft user experience successfully.

Are You Having Intricate Design and UI?

Sometimes, due to excess level of complexity, HTML5 (a responsive web) is not able to perform up to your mark to achieve your aim. It may truly offer personalized user experiences, on the contrary, native apps inclined to offer you the most bespoke UX.

What’s Your Budget Limit?

A responsive design is less expensive as compared to native mobile app. It requires less resources to introduce a fresh idea in the market and faster to create anddeploy. Responsive design just needs a code base that makes sure it will efficiently perform on all devices.

How Important to Consider SEO?

If you really want to improve the visibility of your site among popular search engines and also to drive great traffic, then go for the perfect responsive mobile website. Mobile apps cannot be crawled by search engines and can never help you to enhance organic search ranking of the website.

Now We Will Elaborate the Concept of Responsive Web Design.

With new innovations, smartphones and tablets are trying to catch up desktop to access the internet. We all know that a single size cannot be viewed on every device with distinct screen sizes. With the development of increasing screen sizes, responsive web design is the only solution to cope up with this problem.

Let’s find out is it the perfect choice for everyone.

Working Process

A responsive web design empowers a site to acclimate its design according to specific device requirements. With the help of flexible pictures and fluid grids, its content and design perfectly resize to fit as per screen.

Mobile Rising

These days’ people prefer to go for smartphones and tablets to access internet, which leads to 21% web traffic coming on ecommerce sites. As per the stats, 28 % American audience prefer their smartphones to access internet instead of desktop. Apart from this, there are 67% users going for mobile friendly site for shopping.

Rapid Increase in Screen Sizes

With the advancement of technology, new screen sizes are coming in the market due to which, the challenge to create a one-size that suits to all designs is getting more complex. The average number of unique screen resolutions has increased by 232 in 2013.

Shoppers Prefer Mobile

Customers are going for mobile shopping and the figures are growing with the rapid speed. US shoppers are making at least one online purchase through their tablet or smartphone.

Also, there is an increase in the amount of online retail sales which take place on a tablet or smartphone. There is also a checklist that needs to be considered for evaluating responsive design.

Does Your Website Really Need It?

What is Your Budget?

Whether your team can switch to it efficiently?

Is it fine to go with the layout limitations?

Will you make best use of opportunity?

By answering these questions, you will come up with a great solution that may prove to be beneficial for you to make the right decision.

Whichever route you go with, just make sure you consider the needs of users on priority basis and you will be able to succeed in achieving your goal.

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