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In our endeavor to educate our readers about the different kinds of technologies available on the market, their features, the cool stuff you can do with these technologies, we are presenting vTiger CRM for you today. It is a new kid on the block and has already taken the world by storm.


About vTiger


It was launched as a fork of version 1.0 of the SugarCRM project on December 31, 2004. It currently has over 10,000 customers.


It offers reporting, a customer portal and an Outlook plugin in its free edition, and other modules also which are paid. It is parallel and has almost all the functions of other CRM applications.


It allows for sales automation including customizable product entries, trouble ticketing, quotations inventory management, and billing. Other functions that are supports are:


Customer support & service functions
Marketing automation
Inventory Management
Analysis and reporting

It also contains many user interaction features and they include:

Integration with corporate E-mail systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and more Support of the  Asterisk PBX

phone system
Tag cloud functionality
RSS feed subscription
PDF document generation via the TCPDF library

The technology behind this CRM application is AMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and has code form other open source projects such as SugarCRM.



It is easy to install vTiger as per Wiki:


It can be installed from a HTML/PHP web interface. You can install vtiger CRM 4.X and 5.x on a standard webserver using cPanel provided they have the correct version of PHP and MySQL already installed. Beginning with version 5.x, the vtiger CRM package is available with an optional PHP/MySQL bundled installer. The procedure involves downloading the .tar files from the vtiger CRM website and then using the control panel file manager to upload and untar the source files. Open source program files, extensions, and language packs are available from the vtiger CRM downloads page.


vtiger CRM is also offered as a hosted service which does not require installation on your own web server. vtiger CRM On Demand is delivered using Amazon’s EC2 platform.


What Makes VTiger Popular:


It is Mobile Ready.


Due to this in-built functionality  it is very easy for you to engage your customers and also create many CRM records while on the go. It also allows you to:

Access records offline
Automatically log mobile calls in contact records on Android OS
Set up mobile alerts and tasks
Import leads and contacts

Some Amazing Features:

Sales & Marketing
Lead, Contact, & Account Management , Opportunities ,Campaigns , Sales
Quote ,Invoice
Project Management
Inventory Management
Calendars & Activities
User Management
Support contract and Service Requests
Mobile Support
Customer Portals
Customised Mobile Apps



Now that you know how great vTiger CRM is, and that it is open source. Do not forget to install it. But be sure to call on experts when you decide on vTiger as your CRM. It can be a tad tricky when you want to run and install it yourselves. At Miracle Studios we take the burden off your shoulders and setup, install, run and manage and support vTiger instance for your enterprise.


About Miracle Studios:

Miracle Studios Pvt Ltd  is since 2004. We are the vTiger developers of choice. Over the years we can now design, develop, and market to produce all kinds of web solutions that are revolutionary, functional and effective. We help clients reach business goals faster. Our designs do more than half of the work for you. Aside from having experts in-house, we believe in flexibility and let the clients book their own resources through us.


We offer cloud or non-cloud based support on multiple OS. Our consultants understand your business processes and organization structure and come up with a customized vTiger implementation strategy. For an awesome time while you get your product developed, contact us or fill the  get a quote form Now.




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