Outsource software Development to India. Is It a Good Idea?

People are raising many issues about India’s out-sourcing projects. But, we personally believe that out sourcing software development to India is a smart move. Below are the reasons why we think so.


In 2004 Indian engineers in Mumbai created a virtual Oscar figure for that year’s Academy Awards which melted away like the liquid metal machine in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. Companies like Nielsen depend heavily on TCS for its data which helps in running its ratings business.


The low cost advantage coupled with the engineering prowess and the talent avalaiale made sure that India has risen in the outsourcing world.


India’s software capabilities have moved on from simple BPO’s to extremely complex and complicated tasks that are helping many multinational businesses take on a lot more that they thought was possible.


But, you as a Westerner must be worried about the jobs and other issues. But, it is vain. The modules and domains are absolutely different and result in huge cost savings for Western companies that are making better business sense for companies. However, migration of services to India and to other offshore locations such as China and Brazil will slow down after 2014 and stop entirely by 2022.



On more on this eye-opening news is an excerpt from an article in The Economist


Reasons Why Not

Some American firms that have outsourced a lot to India and elsewhere are building “shadow capability” in services in their home countries, says KPMG’s Mr Justice. Using unofficial budgets, he says, some chief information officers are hiring people back home to do the same kind of work that their offshore teams do, just to have them next door. Only a small number of firms have gone to such extremes, yet the fact that it happens at all indicates the value that firms place on proximity, says Mr Justice. And some of the biggest original pioneers of outsourcing, including General Electric and General Motors, have already taken the plunge and brought their IT work home.


But, Does that Mean Outsourcing is Dead?

Not really. There are still some businesses that are making huge profits by outsourcing to India. The thing to remember is to send it to good and reliable vendors who are capable of doing the job and low costs.


So Where Do You Find Such Vendors?

Miracle Studios in India is one such company. Miracle Studios is since 2004. Over the years we can now design, develop, and market to produce all kinds of web solutions that are revolutionary, functional and effective. We help clients reach business goals faster. Our designs and capability do more than half of the work for you. Aside from having experts in-house, we believe in flexibility and let the clients book their own resources through us.


We offer cloud or non-cloud based support on multiple OS. Our consultants understand your business processes and organization structure and come up with customized software solutions. For an awesome time while you get your product developed, contact us now.


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