Penguin, Panda and their date with Content

Let’ understand this fact clearly. No business on the virtual world can sustain its presence without proper Search engine optimization. Irrespective of how big or established a brand is, it needs proper optimization to withhold its presence. Now a proper optimization requires proper presentation, via contents. A content, which is written for the purpose of blog or article submission, must be informative, unique, original and authentic. A well crafted structure of words elevates the rankings of the sites by one step. The web crawlers that determine the ranking of a site on a search engine prefer sites, which are regularly updated with quality content. Let’s read more into the significance of these words that are imperative to support a successful venture online.


BBC knows it

Panda and Penguin are Google updates that mark the standard of the sites present on the search engine. They lay the algorithms based on which they evaluate the quality of the site. Now, it has been very clearly mentioned in these updates that Google will not tolerate any unprofessional approach in terms of the articles. The new algorithms of the Google are carefully scanning all the contents and are punishing the sites with old or spammed article. Big giant like, BBC was on the receiving end because of the lenience they showed in the quality of their contents. According to new Panda updates all the websites with old contents will be penalized. And that is exactly what happened to BBC, when they slipped down on their rankings. The quality of content is what search engine demands, and that’s how it should always be.


Spin off the spinners

There was a time when articles spinners were the hot fad in the market. Search engine experts use to churn out the articles in bulk, and spammed the web space with their targeted clients. This use to fetch them good ranks, but spoiled the web space. This is when Google and other major search engines decided to take control and swipe off these unethical practices. This is when the quality gained weight age over quantity. And class of writing was re-introduced. All the websites that were indulged in wrong practices were heavily marked down, and significance of quality content propped up.


Latest in the news

Google every month is becoming strict with their processes and procedures. They want to ensure quality links on their ranking pages. This is why they have decided to call of regular penguin updates. Now the Search engine experts have to depend upon their judgment and idea to guess the algorithms of the Google. The idea behind hiding the updates is to make sure that SEO experts indulge into right practices. This new breaking news from Google has further increased significance of authentic and original stuff.


Pool of talent

New updates and new criteria of judging the websites has give quality writer their due. Now, content writing can be seen as a full fledged position or a job opportunity. Art of content writing has evolved from the days of filling up the space to presenting the write-ups in a well researched way. Most of the companies have opened up a full time position for their writers to fill in the vacant space, while others are banking on the services of freelancers to provide them with the needful stuff. This new boom in the market in search of writers is only increasing the quality of the stuff that is present on the web, something that all the major search engines always desired.


Final Full Stop

So all you aspiring writers who like to search, analyze and present the trends in their most effective ways, sharpen up your inks. As the opportunities in the field of writing are increasing everyday. Companies that are loosing up on ranks are rising up on the awareness of quality contents. And this proposition has glorified the art of words once again.


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