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Most shopping cart software packages are all-in-one eCommerce solutions that provide more than a virtual shopping cart. 3dcart is no exception, brimming with all the functionality you need to create and manage a successful online storefront. The software proves to be decent in regards to web design and marketing, but this eCommerce software really shines in its administrative controls.


As with most of the shopping cart software we reviewed, 3dcart is equipped with dozens of templates that you can tailor using your own images, Flash files, JavaScript and HTML. The design wizard is a bit cumbersome to navigate, making you toggle between multiple tabs to get tasks done. However, you can access every feature in the wizard from the administrative dashboard at any time, so you aren’t forced to always deal with the clunky wizard.


Similar to most top-notch webshop software, 3dcart has multiple plans you can choose from depending on the size of your store, and all allow unlimited storage. This means you can create any number of variations of the same product. For instance, you can list different colors and sizes for an apparel item. You can also upload as many product images as you want, and the software will automatically resize them.


3dcart supports all the other back office controls we looked for in shopping cart software. It offers detailed reports that also integrate with outside accounting software, and it has its own mobile app from which you can easily access your back office on the go.


Its full suite of marketing tools assist you with search engine optimization and getting your online store connected to social media. It accommodates eBay and Amazon sales as well. On the customer satisfaction side, you can offer limited-time deals and coupons, enable product comparison and customer reviews, and let your customers register a wishlist or gift registry. Autoresponders can confirm orders, and the software allows you to ship partial orders. It also tracks backorders for you.


3dcart allows secure credit card payment with PCI-compliant software and certified SSL encryption, plus other fraud control features. It works with over 100 payment gateways.


While 3dcart webshop software has excellent features, it falls short of our higher-ranked competitors because it lacks a point-of-sale system, which would allow you to run your physical store using the same software. It also does not run on a content delivery network, which could slow uploads for your customers, and does not have in-house credit card processing or the ability to accept checks.


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