Reasons to hire Web Hosting Company from India

When it comes to hosting services, we all resort to foreign companies.  Why because we believe they provide dependable hosting services as compared to Indian companies. This is why most of us host with companies like Blue Host, Hostgator and Hostmonster etc. On the other hand, we consider Indian companies aren’t capable enough to manage the servers. This notion is history now as Indian companies have emerged as trustworthy hosting providers.


Let’s ponder over the reasons to hire web hosting company from India-


Better support:


Indian hosting providers extend 24×7 phone support. This makes these companies quite approachable and within the reach of the clients as and when needed.  One can ask for support anytime without giving it a second thought. Moreover, the non-robotic conversation with the hosting providers gives you a sense of personal touch assuring that they will come to rescue if servers encounters any issues.




Have you ever wondered why foreign companies turn to India to outsource their IT requirements? Well, the obvious reason is cost-cutting. In India, you get ample of IT professionals that too at affordable prices. Moreover, they are far-more learned and thorough experts at their respective fields.  Same is with the hosting services. Indian companies provide world-class hosting services that too at cheaper rates as compared to the companies in abroad.


Same Currency:


Many of the Indian users don’t have credit cards and prefer Debit cards for all the transactions. But as you all know that maximum number of transactions is done through paypal, one need to have credit card of the particular account for the payment purposes. Therefore, one banks on Entropy and there are number of middlemen between the service provider and consumer who charges quite a money.


But there is no such issue in Indian web hosting companies as they accept payment in Indian rupees and hence no currency issues arise.


Improved Reliability:


Indian companies are becoming conscious day-by-day to attend to all the queries of their valued clients by responding to them even after the working hours. Moreover, they extend technical support and after sales services to the clients. Their enhanced support, client-oriented approach and sophistication have sealed the mouths of all the critics.


The above mentioned points favor the option of hiring of web hosting company from India. All you need is to be little aware while choosing the hosting provider.  If you are looking for reliable web hosting services browse through the portal and make the right choice.


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