Relation Between Digital Marketing and PR

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Digital marketing and PR ( Public Relation) plays an important role in Online business.  So today I am here to  share some points that how digital marketing and PR are related to each other and  What are the key points  for the success.

The birth of digital marketing has brought in profusion of new marketing solutions to consider, and as such digital marketing firms now makes an important part of any organisation’s marketing strategy. On the other hand PR is nothing just a brilliant propaganda, which possesses the power to win over public advertising that your product and services are optimum. However, it is seen that the traditional PR representatives and modern digital marketers, aren’t seen collaborating closely with each other.

But we can not ignore search engine optimization. Because SEO should not be considered as a standalone action. Intelligently planned PR activities can influence your rankings on search engines, but for this close association is needed between SEO experts and the PR agency. A good digital agency understands that the PR has the required expertise in his field and similarly PR should trust the proficiency of the SEO team.

Key tips to maximize SEO opportunities from your PR plan:

  • Optimisation of press releases – There are so many press releases on internet with no relevant links or appropriate keywords for an organisation. Having said that, you must be cautious of over-optimizing the press releases as this can more damaging from the SEO point of view. This is where the collaboration of a digital agency and PR can be very fruitful for both the parties and in return the organization.


  • Planning of digital marketing along with a quarterly PR plan – Planning is a fundamental for PR professionals. PR activities are carved out on a quarterly basis, so if you want to increase the benefits digitally, the digital agency needs to be prepared for a long-term plan alongside PR strategy.


  • Transparent relationship with clear communication must be carried out prior to any planning of PR activities or SEO strategies.


  • Networking and communication is the basis in projecting efficacious PR to the online media.


Think of breaking down the main industry stereotypes, outside of the box thinking is needed to get large coverage along with well contrived PR activities and SEO strategies. Be daring enough to create news to get maximum shares and obviously likes!

Still a long path is left before digital marketing and PR work harmoniously with each other for the benefit of clients. Working with PR renders the opportunity to imagine more creatively, so get innovative!


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