Responsive Web Design – Catalyst for Organizational Changes


Well, many organizations small or big, either structure their teams on the basis of waterfall model. But recently, Ben Callahan has come up with a latest idea where he regards Responsive Web Design as a catalyst for organizational change. For a team to work on responsive web design, the organization of the team itself is a important factor. While most of the organizations are still stuck with older ways of organizing their teams, responsive web design is helping them to find out newer and effective ways.


As per the words of Jeffrey Zeldman, Almost all the organizations neglect the websites works in their organizations or company’s web division. The reason is that no organization or company bothers to add a web division in their organizational structure and it results in numerous unusable failures where they should have produced awesome user experiences. Jeffrey Zeldman quoted this in 2007 and even after 6 years his assessment cannot be proved wrong.


Continuous battle between marketing and IT

The age old battle between the two important elements of organization – marketing and IT is still going powerful. As soon as the content, design and UX goes in the hands of marketing and development team, the result is poor web experience. The similar results are obtained when CMSs, security and performance are managed in IT. Both these segments do not give the due importance to the others task and neither they show any willingness to coordinate their efforts for the growth & overall development of the organization.


Responsive web designs, which are gaining immense reputation today and have become one of the most reliable web designing method is facing many difficult challenges. The reason is that the designing process is difficult and peculiar. But, we can’t regard these challenges as the technical ones, because managing people involved in the project is a difficult task as compared to sorting out technical challenges.


Complex method need efficient people

Since the organizations and the projects to be carried out are not easy, but rather quite difficult, so we need to invest in people over technical processes. if we can effectually organize our people, we can certainly develop better multi-device web experiences. In order to find out the better solutions to the challenges posed by today’s competitive work environment, we have to realize that our first and foremost requirement is to organize our team.


Interdisciplinary teams

By developing interdisciplinary teams, an organization can reap huge benefits. This doesn’t implies that you should mix up your IT and Digital Marketing  department, but if both these departments can have some people who not only possess the specific knowledge and experience of their own department but of other as well, we can easily tackle the issues. These interdisciplinary team members can assist to coordinate the efforts of both the departments and assist them to work in a synchronized manner, and this will certainly be beneficial for the organization and the project team.


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