Role of Android App Developer Specialist in Android Application Development

Android which is the operating system from Google happens to own the bulk share of the Smart Phone Market. In fact, this share is expected to advance exponentially because of the refinement of the operating system to deal with the issues  of connectivity and compatibility encompassing multiple devices.


There has been exponential growth of Android Application Development, particularly in the domain of enterprises. The BYOD policy is being brought by the enterprises to deal with their customers and employees. Both customers as well as enterprises have chosen Android as their first choice and the proof  is that more than 85000 mobile devices a day are being activated by Google.


In the Enterprise world, Android is getting a lot of acceptance and traction. With regard to the unlimited opportunities for innovation by Android, enterprises are moving farther and toughening their BYOD policy to also include their Android devices. Some of the major concerns regarding the enterprises are security and leveraging it’s security framework.


Also, there is ENSURE (Endeavour Secure Unified and Reliable enterprise) for implementation of enterprise grade security during the process of application development of Android. This enables the IT department to implement control and security on the devices and thus resolve their biggest concern.


Another major concern of enterprise security is encryption. During the development of enterprise targeted mobile solutions, endeavour deals with the need for encryption and create solutions that adhere to industrial compliance and corporate policies.


Android is an OS that is open source and based on Linux and can be used to work on  scalable architecture on a variety of devices. There has been an evolution of Android in its various versions: Gingerbread 2.3, Honeycomb 3.0, Ice cream sandwich 4.0, each expressing their own unique characteristics.


The Android development teams work on two sided strategy:


1) Making surety that all android applications on all OS platforms and all devices have mutual compatability.

2) Design solutions to take care of issues of future compatibility resulting from fresh android versions or devices guiding them.

Latest OS update of Android, the Jelly bean (OS version 4.3) is being touted as Google’s latest response to its competitors. Even with minor tweaks, Google is capable of surpassing all other competitors in the market. The development team of Android application by Endeavour has delved deeper into the R&D of the new OS. It is ready to launch new applications as well as providing support for current customers with new upgrades.


Widget creation is one of the specializations in the Android Application Development. It leverages the inherent capabilities of platforms to create innovative mobile solutions.


A typical example for an Android Application  is the Light bulb  Finder. The Light bulb finder mobile App allows users to switch from incandescent to energy efficient light bulbs to cater to specialty and basic needs. The app provides quick replacement of bulbs to energy efficient bulbs with right quality and fit of light. Light bulb finder can be obtained as a free download on I Pad, iPod touch,  I Phone and other android devices.


Benefits for retailers include driving of incremental store visits and lighting  purchases with the app of Light bulb finder. It encourages customers to change incandescent lights from their homes. Single purchases are changed to repeat purchases. They increase satisfaction of customers and reduce time for employees for educating customers.


Android is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. It now runs on one out of every two smart phones and tablet computers in India. This OS system has witnessed tremendous growth with millions of different applications for the use and entertainment of customers.


Android software development is the process by which new application for  the Android operating system are created. Usually the apps are developed in the Java programming  language which utilizes  the Android System Development kit. But today, other tools are also available for an Android app developer specialist.


By July 2013, over 1 million applications have been created for Android with more than 25 million downloads. Research in 2012 found that over 67% of mobile developers used the Android platform. In quarter 2, 2012, nearly 105 millions of Android smartphones were sold which garnered a total share of 68% in total smart phone sales till quarter 2, 2012.

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