Role of Dedicated Resource in Android Application Development

Let’s Start with Some Developers Achievements. Developers have opportunities to make up-to six figures!!!!! Now that I have your attention, meet Micheal Clifford, an Android App Developer who is the founder of, and creator of HD Widgets an android utility. The app is a hit on Google’s play store and has been downloaded over and over again which has given it a permanent residence in the top downloaded paid for apps. Sounds awesome, right? Micheal also has other programs credited to his company, such as App stats, which is useful when checking statistics for different applications ranking and rating them. The remarkable success of his company is based on listening to users needs and ensuring his customers are fully satisfied, and this boosts a good income and enables him to create new apps effectively. Edward Kim is also a successful developer with android operating system. He created an app named ‘Car Locator’ which was gained popularity and been downloaded numerous times. It was also featured by Google which enabled Kim to get more exposure than other apps in the store. This has boosted high revenue and Edward is optimistic that the Car Locator will continue to do well even with piracy being a challenge for many developers. Success stories are enormous even with reports being released that most android users do not buy apps as much as other platforms, but with the right idea and successful implementation developers can make it big. Working as a team can also be beneficial and many lucrative apps are known to have been developed from team work, such a utility is ‘Remember the Milk‘ which is meant for Android Tablets.


Other devices like smartphones and recently electronic devices, in which the operating system is embedded into, have made app development relatively marketable and developers have an array of devices to design for and can smile all the way to and from the bank. Well, who does not want money? With Facebook, G Mail, Twitter, and Google Chrome gaining popularity as some of the most downloaded apps in Google store, a challenge is posed to all new and aspiring developers to be creative and bring something new which can make them money and have an impact in today’s world of internet connectivity.


So what Roles played by these successful Developers?


1) Creation and development of applications using Android Software Development Kit (SDK), in Java programming language. SDK has various tools used for development which include software libraries, debugger, sample code, among others, that make use Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) a content sensitive editor and which has a plugin known as Android Development Tools (ADT). Native Development Kit, Google App Developer and Apache Cordova are some of the other tools which are used for development. During the creation process the device meant for the app needs to be considered this should include considerations on language, screen, and platform versions. Various versions are available for the platform with the latest release being Lollipop but earlier Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, GingerBread and Froyo among others were released and used.


2) Developers need to participate in Android Community, here they can get updates and new features for various devices, they can also use Android Open Source Project which allows them to modify the operating system. This is favorable for technical modifications which change device settings and configurations.


3) Creating sophisticated apps with HTML 5 used to run in web based mobile app and using native code which has very good performance, is another task for developers. The technology used to run web pages on small screens has various frameworks and tools which provide flexibility and support across different platforms.


4) Android team has various games, updates, apps, tips, advice, which developers use together with collaborating with manufacturers in developing apps. Working together ensures apps produced use the latest software and the hardware used matches the capability of the device.


5) Satisfying user requirements and needs by closely monitoring Android market place where clients and customers give their feedback and rate apps. This information if used appropriately will ensure users get value for their money. With more than a billion customers, Android developers have a great task and responsibility.


6) Checking for bugs filed by users and fixing them, this can be done in conjunction with Android Security Team which most security issues and vulnerabilities are reported to.


7) Conducting unit test used to test all aspects of application at all levels. Unit test check activities and their interactions with other app components, but are used for less complex user interface events interactions.


8) Have knowledge on how to publish apps once complete. This includes how to get it available if it is searched online and respond to user feedback.


The roles seem rather complex and technical but with the right skills drive and motivation they can be accomplished. Developers are passionate and goal oriented. Should we cut them some slack when reviewing their apps? I think not as longs as we are objective positive and negative criticism is okay.


Skills required when Hiring a Developer


What should you look for? With the roles listed above in mind, sometimes hiring a dedicated app developer can be the best option. An App developer should have skills as – a)  Skills in programming are fundamental with knowledge in Java, PHP, Database software, C, C++, web design among others with Java being the key program in development of Android apps. b) Developers should be conversant with Android Open Source Ecosystem, and having an open source project should be an added advantage. c) With different versions of the platform, a hired developer should be able to manage them, since they have different capabilities and Application Program Interface(API). d) Testing, upgrading, or making modification to apps is important and developers need to have these skills to get jobs and provide services.


Hopefully the information above is useful and can help you understand Android apps and their development. With the continued growth of Android in the current market share, investing your time and money in android apps can be profitable.


Watch here, successful Android developer story of Kiwi, Inc. – Kiwi had 5 titles in the 25 grossing games in Google Play, including Shipwrecked: Lost Island, Monsterama Park and more.


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