Best SEO Strategies for Ranking Higher for High Competitive Keywords

As we know that, Day by Day the trend of Search engine optimization has become a popular, which is often compared with a relationship or even marriage. Each organization whether it is a website design company or software development agency, everyone go with SEO. Comparing it with driving a vehicle is also natural. The major plan behind this comparison is to define that SEO is a two way process, in which there are two aspects – on page and off page. It is hard for one to survive or work effectively in the absence of other.


Traffic generated by search engines is still measured as the best and this is because the visitors which get attracted with the assist of search engines are more likely to be changed into customers, as they are already searching for particular information you are providing on your site.

Ranking higher for high competitive keywords is not simple task, due to the major changes made in search engine process, such as localized and personalized search results. These make it hard for the important pages of your site to become visible on search engine result pages for exactly matching the search terms.

Still there are plenty of techniques which can be used for making the pages of your website easily visible on search engines.

Content Marketing and Link Building based on Content

For rising popularity and ensuring better visibility of content, you should write content which is high quality and is relevant to the keywords user targeting, while making use of link building strategies based on discussion and content. Certainly the most commonly used method for ranking higher on search engines for targeted keywords, it helps to create relevant search phrases, thus making it easier to attract links with better value direction user to your site.

Now a day’s competitive era of internet marketing, it is very important to make the best use of available techniques through high quality and well researched content. By providing informative and valuable content to your target audience you can assure better success rate while requesting quality links from various other relevant sites.

Good Content can be created by: Including targeted keyword in page title and headline

1. Analyzing the similar content posted by competitors and offering something better for attaining an edge over others in terms of content on search engines

2. Focusing on creation of comprehensive tutorial for enhancing the link-ability of your content

3. Adding more quality content than what your readers expect, in terms of usefulness of information being provided, as well as comprehensiveness of content

4. Drafting an outline prior to writing content, as it assures a flow in information shared through your content

5. Identifying the target audience of your content, like beginners, consumers, journalists, influencers or enthusiasts, and modifying the content’s approach for staying focused on your target

6. Using strong and impressive calls to action for attracting visitors, as it enables you to refer them towards your landing page or product, or encourage them to subscribe to the site or weekly newsletter


For Content Marketing

1. Marketing and promotion of your content can be done through various ways of link acquisition which can be created through content distributed externally or community discussions; as such links possess better CTR or click through rate from users. It can help in enhancing the value of your links in terms of SEO. Mentioned here are some methods for generating links for your quality content.

2. Linking your content via materials which are externally distributed, like press releases, guest blog posts, interviews etc.

3. Acquiring links from websites which are linked to similar content posted by your competitors, as there are better chances for you to obtain links from such sites in terms of your content’s competitiveness and their previous record of being linked to similar content type. Pages similar to your content can be found with the help of Google search, and using open site explored or yahoo site explorer for tracking their links

4. Contacting the content curators working in your specific industry to suggest your content for their coming roundup and for this again Google search can be used.

5. Using techniques of broken link building for finding thematic links or resources which might be possibly hosting the broken links and might be interested for linking to the content you have. You can contact the webmaster of the site for notifying him about broken link.

6. Your content can be used as resource while contributing on questions posted on sites like Yahoo answers, Aardvark and Quora.

7. Promoting your content by partaking in relevant discussions or through blog comments is another good idea. Mentioned below are some great samples

8. Linking to content through the contributions you make on relevant discussion on forum thread



Content and Powerful Internal Linking : As the initial step involved in this technique also requires you to create content which is focused on the search terms you are targeting, while being of very high quality, thus it can be considered quite similar to first technique mentioned above. But, the succeeding process of this method relies on your site’s internal pages for support, especially when it comes to linking. Plenty of methods are available for this, like:

a). Tracking the powerful internal pages of your site, while linking them to pages required to be optimized – the power of    your site’s inner pages can be determined by using metrics on page level, like PageRank, Page Authority, MozRank, traffic performance of page which can be defined as its ability to attract organic traffic while reducing the bounce rate percentage, along with the page title’s relevance.

b). Tracking inner pages which might be sending out huge social signals, while linking these to crucial landing pages – changes recently made to algorithm are primarily social data based, as these changes have made it more efficient and accurate metric for differentiating content of high quality, as the chances of valuable content being shared by users or people through networks is more.  It enables you to attain better social popularity and visibility by using high quality content which can support your average pages as well.

c). Building new posts or pages which can be linked contextually and support the product or landing pages – pages of high quality can be created which are capable of attaining better popularity and attracting more links, as thee will link to your pages internally which need to be optimized for boosting their ranking on search engines. At the same time it is crucial that your support pages have been created relevant to destination page of the links which are targeting for ranking higher on search engine results pages.



Content and Social signals

Social media emerges as a highly constructive advancement in today’s age of digital marketing, as it has been successful in empowering consumers to speak up and explores the options they have. That is why most of the enhancements of search engines have been based on authenticity of web’s this aspect.

Actually signals generated by social networks have the capability to influence the prominence of content on various search results, particularly if it is being shared by many people. While creating content which is aimed at targeting users of social media, it includes two prominent factors, the ability of content to attract or draw attention and relationships maintained by organization or author to help in moving the content.

Social sharing can be attracted by several kinds of viral content, like:

Entertaining – similar to publishing humorous images or fun facts relevant to your particular industry

News or controversial – any events of your industry which are worth mentioning, it especially works well when you are first one covering or creating the story, while other industry blogs or news sites will be using your content in the form of a resource

Useful and free – similar to free tools available on web which people like sharing, like apps, games or tools

Rich content – content which is design centred, like infographics or data visualizations, videos and slide presentations

Group or crowd sourced interviews – performing surveys on the influencers of industry and publishing the answers shared by them in written format which is hosted on your domain. Content sharing through their particular networks becomes easier, which is capable of multiplying or enhancing the positive impacts of sharing on social networks.

The content published by you is not sufficient for improving its popularity. Actually for making successful viral content you need to rely a lot of the techniques used for marketing it. These are the connections which will prove helpful in moving your content on all spheres of social media and reaching more number of targeted audiences.

Authority given to those people who will be sharing your content is a huge factor as well, not only in terms of how your content will be valued by search engines but also how the chances of attracting more exposure to the content can be amplified. Mentioned below are some methods which can be sued of promoting your content on social media efficiently:

1. Sharing your content is made easier for users with the help of clearly visible social media buttons, or also by using these options in the calls to action of your content, as using social proof will prove enticing for visitors while reading and sharing the content posted by you.

2. Industry influencers can be engaged by providing content which is linked to them, like statement citations, interviews or using their work as resource. After publishing the content notify them.

3. Multiplier sites such as Tweetfeed and Triberr can be used for building solid network

4. Using paid advertisements for social media from Facebook ads, Buysellads, Sponsored Tweets or Stumbleupon ads

5. If brands have been mentioned in your content then the links of your posts can be shared on their fan pages on Facebook as well

6. Syndicating social sharing among your person group or network on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter etc


As more people will share your content, it will reach more people within your industry. It means that you will be gaining more when it comes to higher link-ability and recognition. You can go through several other posts for getting better in depth knowledge about how content can be marketing on social networks and sites.

It is also crucial for you to keep monitoring people with whom you are sharing he content, especially those who are influential. It is a great way for initiating conversations, while keeping them engaged and it can really help in intensifying the marketing processes of your site in long run.

Tools, such as Topsy, can be used for tracking the performance of your content on Twitter. Results can also be filtered for shoring influential users that who are the people sharing your content:


Ranking better with pages having heavy Resources

Using the resources pages for ranking higher for competitive keywords can be very easy in most cases and beneficial as well, as pages are primarily created for providing information to users, particularly those visiting search engines.

In recent past the SEO strategies resources pages of a blog were tested and it was found that the pages will rank higher naturally on the basis of how pages have been optimized for search, rather than including a lot of incoming links which are directing towards it.

a). Keywords have been included in headline, URL and page title

b). Relevant links are being hosted on resource page, which point towards other useful and resourceful articles

c). Many posts have also been linked to resource page in the content’ body, with several variations in anchor texts.

d). Updating resource page has become a continuous process each time a new blog entry comes up which is suitable enough for ebbing included in the list

e). Page titles have been numbered, thus increasing the chances to get more clicks from users or searchers

f). Pages are capable of attracting the user’s attention for a long time as they are clicking the links present on pages of your site


According to me, the pages among search engine result pages are being clicked by more people and it means that an increasing number of people are able to get information required by them from resources page. It also implies that such pages are constantly climbing up and securing their position for targeted keywords.

Building Domain Authority with Branding

When it is noticed by search engines that the site you have created has authority on a particular domain, then your site or web pages are rewarded with better ranking on search engines as they realize the value of you content.

Having said that, Google is probably thinking of making use of brand data for determining quality and authoritative websites, through advancements in their algorithms, making it capable of evaluating the value of your site on the basis of:

1. Mention of brand on social shares or networks and the content present on other sites

2. Links of branded anchor text

3. Brand search’s volume

In the case mentioned above, it is definitely more sustainable methods of doing online marketing if you build a brand instead of keywords and this is because of the area which separates or differentiates your business form your competitors. The content modifications and changes taking pace in search industry can also be withstand by strong and powerful brand presence.

Mentioned here are some tips for assuring successful brand development:

Using easily linkable content or link baits for improving the search engine ranking of the landing pages of your site for developing domain authority, as well as disseminating brand signals.

Focusing on creating links involving the name of your brand as anchor text, like brand,person or product’s name

Building strong community through various techniques aimed at engaging influencers of your industry, along with followers.

Including the brand name of your site on the titles of your pages, so that your brand is automatically attached when people are sharing or linking to the content of your site

Building great product, service or content and growing connections and networks continuously and this is because these are a few major factors which can help in giving a remarkable shape to your brand over internet.

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