Setting Trends for Online Marketing for 2014

When you talk of internet in the present times, you are in for some amazing moments. What was communication in the past ages has definitely redefined itself with internet trends marking a difference all the while. What started with Emails has today refined into a classic social media conversation marking new trends all the while.


You would see that communication is not just easy to deal with in the present times but also pretty effective. Short yet crisp communication is possible only when dealing with internet. Not just for consumers but also for brands, internet has proven to be a boon. Brands have managed to stay connected with their consumers and seek their engagement to attain progress using the various strands of the internet.


Internet marketing is a growing trend and one that has seen various turns, both positive and negative in the recent times. This marketing definitely creates an impending impact on the consumers and ensures that they engage in positive as well as interesting conversations.


Over the past few years internet marketing has evolved as has the internet. You would find different trends marking the evolution as well as the growth of this sort of marketing on both consumers as well as the brands. For the coming year, the change is going to be perceptive for both the brands as well as the consumers. Here are some trends that are going to be marking fame this year.


Obviously the existing trends would be there for this year too, but these new trends are going to bite in a better experience.



Marketing via Content

When you talk of online experiences or online marketing, you can never fail to experience the power of good quality content. Yes, content is the king in the right terms. You would see that content marketing is trending this season of online marketing. Yes, it is bringing forth a whole new marketing experience with it without doubt. Content marketing in the coming year will be a bigger journey for the marketers. You will see that newer and better quality trends have evolved in content marketing. Content marketing is growing bigger by the day. It has always been quality dependent in a major way. If your content does not bring in quality, it does not seem like a mature content.


The first trend that has come with content marketing in the present times involves Google Authorship. With Google+ as the sharing point, you will establish a close connect with your audiences. They know a connect to the content and will eventually be able to trust you as a brand. You need to work hard on communicating relevant information though. You should be able to expand your mode of communication from regular content to newsletters, radio based content and other visual content to ensure proper communication happening. Content marketing this year will trend via various different channels making it unpredictable and interesting. You will also see that the different channels being used will increase the levels of engagement. This is how content marketing is being predicted for the coming year.



Diverse Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media is a growing world. You will see that the evolution experienced on the social media base has not really been experienced anywhere else on this world of web. Social media tools are not just interesting but also engaging and enough to produce a diversified communication. With the newness in internet marketing, you will need to diversify your strategies to interest the public you are planning on communicating with.


What used to happen sometime back was, social media strategists used to strategize for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter marking massive marketing campaigns that would produce indulgence and communication throughout their consumer base. With time social media has evolved as a platform. Newer and better platforms have come up like Instagram, Pintrest and others. Maximum platforms have brought in image based content which is not just shared but also brought in popularity for the brands. Engagement has increased considerably owing to the newer ways of generating content. You will see that owing to these newer platforms and the newer forms of content made available on them, you are able to devise ways to reach out to more audiences in a better way. Strategizing has become an interesting tool for social media marketers, and visual communication or content will be one of the trending parameters this year.



Image Based Content

This year online marketing will be based on content that is totally and completely image centric. You will see that when you place an image in front of an audience they are able to grasp more out of it. Yes, you will see that not just is the content readable but more and more audiences would prefer knowing more about it. Image based or video based content gets a read or a share. The popularity of the content grows with time owing to which image based content reaches out to more people.


Ultimate aim of having content or marketing it is to reach out in a better way. You can even get to higher levels of engagement with the image based content. Infographics is a classic example of image centric content. There is some facts plus data combined with interesting images which makes it a fun read. You will find lots of people actually reading it or rather skimming through it. It is thus that image based content has found a new location that is in the minds of the people. Pintrest is quite interesting too when it comes to image based sharing. You will see that brands that are indulging in lifestyle and fashion find Pintrest an easy way of gaining consumer base. Image centric sharing and content has become the norm of this year.



Less is More

Simplicity is the key to gaining more consumers to engage with you. Don’t pass on complex messages, your consumers would find it difficult to understand. You can rely on simple yet clear messages to get through to your consumers. Some of the message examples can be taken from top notch brands like Apple and Samsung. They are known to produce messages that are absolutely simple and crystal clear. They are known to get through to their consumers through their simplicity.


Don’t indulge in talking for too long or too much. Imagine having a 1 hour video versus a one minute video. Your audiences are going to see the one minute video and it would be shared highly too. That is the power of less content against a lot of content. In the one hour video you might be saying a lot of good things, but your audience is bound to get bored after a while into it.


Screaming too much is also not going to help your brand. You should tone down your voice as well as your comments. You should make campaigns that are understandable, simple yet effective. Make sure you actually get through the sensory nerves of the brains of your consumers and for that complex content should be avoided. Your consumers are already buried under information overload. Try to justify your content by making it simple and interesting.



Make it Mobile Friendly

It’s the world of smart phones. You will need to consider developing content that can be used on mobile too. Yes, most people love reading most of the things that is shared on social media using their smart phones that is hardly 5” big. Yes you need to make sure that the content interests them on that small a screen size. What you could do is create separate content for mobile and your main website. If you are not really inclined to do that then you should consider developing content for your responsive web designs such that if the content is resized it does not affect you majorly.


Remember if you really want to communicate with your consumers and engage them in a conversation, you should try that perfectly. You should be present on the places they are present. Ideally mobiles are the destination that every consumer of your brand is addicted to so you should consider getting your content present there too. That is how the trends are moving to.



SEO Combining with Social Media

Google+ the social media tool was constructed for an effective SEO of your brand. Relevance is the first word that SEO needs to understand. Make sure that your content is relevant to that of your consumer. You should ensure perfect placement of keyword in the post as well as in the page title and meta description of the content. Social shares should be possible at the end of the content. You should have social shares enabled. Remember part of your SEO is done with social sharing. So sharing is actually very important to your SEO building. Make sure your content is well shared on Google+ and other social media sites that boost SEO. This is the power of tools like Google+ that were confidently created for this purpose. Make sure you make it relevant for social media sites too. Remember social media sites’ followers don’t really get interested in anything and everything that is described as content.


Finally you should make sure that you don’t really forget all the old trends while marking in the new trends. Old trends are bound to exist and they will in fact coexist with the new trends that are predicted for this year.

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