The best graphic designing techniques

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is art and skill of  interdisciplinary, problem-solving activity which combines text and pictures in advertisement, magazines of visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge.

Graphic design is an extremely creative process which is the primary reason behind all things beautiful that we see on the internet and otherwise. Every day new design techniques are being developed and implemented by the graphic designers all over the world. Here are the best designing techniques which you should know about.

Cut out the extras

This is clearly one of the best graphic design techniques as it allows the cleaning of clutter and helps making the overall design more functional, appealing and effective. Trim out the unnecessary components of your project and reduce the size of those components which you feel shouldn’t be too big. It will not only clean up the entire look but will also allow you to integrate more things in a particular space. However make sure that while trimming you don’t reduce the size of anything important so much that its prominence and importance gets neglected.

Align the design

Alignment can play a very important role in rejuvenating the design of your project and infusing it with that extra touch of attractiveness. Most novice designers think that alignment should only be applied to text but that isn’t true. Alignment can produce great results even if applied on templates, pictures and other design components. Applying alignment to a simple project can make it more appealing to a viewer.

Adding more contrast

One of the simplest yet most effective designing techniques, adding more contrast to your website or any other project can significantly elevate the uniqueness of the design and can help the viewer register it in his/her memory much better. Applying more contrast can help the viewer distinguish between different project components much better and can bring out the significance of each component more distinctly.


This is the latest and probably the most effective graphic design technique till date. Viewers no longer appreciate too much clutter and fuss as it takes them longer to understand and register. They prefer cleaner and clutter-free designs which look highly organized and purely intended to drive their purpose. Intelligent play of black and white is a popular design technique that has been trending of late. Simplify your project design. Be minimalistic and use a limited palette of colours and effects. But make sure the simplicity of the design brings out the functionality of your project and doesn’t distract from its purpose.

Add a touch of neon

Using one bold or neon colour along with a relatively dull palette can transform the design into a truly international one. But this has to be done very carefully and intelligently. This also means that the addition of pop out colour should be done against a backdrop of an otherwise clean and simplified design.

Use vintage calligraphy for more sophisticated and timeless design

Using calligraphic typography can add a lot of timelessness and purity to the design. A lot of designers these days use calligraphic typography in their project logos, website titles and even the body content. It brings out the clean and international aesthetic of the design and makes the design look old school yet very attractive and admirable.


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