The best JQuery plugins for an appealing web page

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The revolution in web design techniques has made way for the plethora of Jquery plugins for achieving a customisable visage for the web page in a quick and effective manner.  Right from building up sign up forms, setting password control conditions and brisk movement of a web page to adding personalised images and texts, Jquery plugins are a favourite amongst designers. A worthy Web design agency in India would exploit the following plugins with bells on!


Going exactly against its name, this plugin provides smooth slide effects. Discounting on unnecessary glossy effects, it is light (may be around 3kb) and successfully tested on all prominent web browsers. Providing accomplished responsiveness, the plugin is smart enough to judge the difference in slides, since not all of them are created equally. With no additional code (laving all the designers smiling), I can’t think of any cons associated with this one. A clear winner!


Customize ability is the key feature Tooltipster has to boast about. Firstly, you can use any HTML tag you want to, enabling you to insert images and other tags for text formatting. Secondly, it is immensely easy to change the theme by modifying the default Tooltipster in the tooltipster.CSS file. The effective CSS helps you develop semantic and trendy tooltips.


Probably, one of the most effective Jquery plugins for form controls. Created to support mobiles extensively, iCheck is completely customizable and is accompanied by heart winning sky flat designs. I don’t like to squeeze my mind in filling up long forms and I am sure neither do you. Better get this plugin for easing your nerves. All you need is just add JS and CSS files to your page and convert all checkboxes and radio buttons using a few lines of Jquery.


Complexify simplifies complexity. It is used to estimate the toughness of a password.  In a way, this plugin helps you set the conditions for a password to make it more complex and rigid. You can push the users to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, inclusion of special symbols or even restricting them to use certain symbols. A great plugin for sign up forms!

JQuery File Upload

The File Upload widget from Jquery comes with a lot of embedded features such as the drag & drop support, preview images and the progress bar. This plugin works effectively with any server side platform such as Python, PHP, Java, Ruby on rails etc). It fits easily into your application and efficiently supports cross-domain, resume file uploads and image sizing at the client size.

Some other cool Jquery plugins include the Infield that directly converts formatted HTML forms into forms with in-field label support. Also, the Scroll Path allows you to define custom scroll paths by using canvas syntax to draw lines and arcs.  In case you have hired a web design agency in India; you can probe them more since they have some of the best designers in the world.

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