The Pros and Cons of Social Media!

In this day and age, managing business without internet is next to impossible.  Every business entity is required to have an online presence.  Mere having a website is not enough. One has to be active in the world of internet. For this consistent and regular updates related to your business is must.


This can be done via social media networking sites. These sites have emerged as the great marketing tools.  Calling them a blessing won’t be an exaggeration.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc are the most popular social media websites.


These sites act like an intermediary between you and your prospective clients. Also, it enhances your business networks. Did I forget to mention the marketing aspect of these websites? Well, there is no denying the fact that social media sites helps in popularizing products and services.


Being active on these sites and regularly posting the updates related to your business is the key to stay in the limelight in the online world. Though it is a time-consuming process and needs consistent efforts for the same, yet it is worth doing.


Social media is an effective medium for advertisement. This platform never disappoints you. You can advertise on Facebook by creating a huge pool of fans and potential clients. This is how your product or service will gain much-required publicity.


Moreover, this is the sure-shot way of increasing your traffic and enhancing your visibility in the online world.  It also helps in brand creation of an enterprise.  Customer engagement is another great benefit which is an inherent feature of any social media site.


One can interact with customers and engage them in various activities and updates of the company. It could be anything like a product launch, a new service or expansion or diversification of the company, vertical or horizontal collaboration or any other major news worth mentioning.


Last but certainly not the least, having social media presence also helps you to get the genuine feedback from the clients and fans on social media sites. They give valuable insights about the product or service extended by the company. One can inculcate the feedback to further improve the quality of one’s product or service. This also saves lot of time and effort on conducting research surveys.


On the flip side, social media has some flaws which can’t be ignored but can be worked upon. The biggest issue that arises is of security. We often share more than required information on these sites which leads to leakage of crucial business plans to other parties.  They may misuse the readily available information for their own benefit.


Other issue which gives you sleepless nights is of privacy intrusion. Some destructive minds intrude your privacy with their malicious intentions.  For e.g. hackers do everything to get the confidential information out by resorting to devious means.

Also, calculating the contribution of social media in your overall revenue is a difficult task. There is no clear-cut evidence of the benefits extended by social media in the success of a venture.


An unsatisfied customer or a rival party may take help of this platform to derogate or defame a particular enterprise out of their own mean concerns. The reasons to belittle someone could be jealousy or dissatisfaction and a bad thing spreads faster than a good one.


Moreover, being active on social media demands a lot of time. One has to update the content on regular basis and engage with customers without fail. All this requires great effort and time.  But if one overcomes these challenges, nothing could beat this medium for promotion.


So, buckle up to beat the competition by implementing a well-planned social media strategy and reap the rewards!


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