The Rise of BlackBerry Apps


Blackberry  is most used platform these days.  The corporate world has huge respect for the Research in Motion group. While the giant players in the tech streets bombarded a lot of gadgets and apps targeting the teenage crowd and others madly in love with entertainment and gaming, RIM rested its interest with the white collar executives. Its Blackberry became a rage as it directly accomplished the needs of market communication and other business needs.

Apps are the latest addition in the chapters of mobile technology evolution. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android plunged the developing of thousands of apps and traded them extensively at online stores. Blackberry on the contrary has been perceived more as a silent observer. It is a renowned fact that Blackberry never shies from competition but only likes to play it safe and at the right time.

They have introduced some of them which are far less in number and diversity from others. A report says that in the U.S.A on an average an Android user uses 25-30 apps, an iOS user uses 40 apps while the Blackberry users kept themselves restricted to important apps only with 15.

Does that alarms the Blackberry developers and users? Actually no, because the other side of picture indicates tremendous need and scope for the blackberry apps developers.  Android and IOS apps development will soon touch their optimal level and Blackberry would enjoy all the space and lesser competition from others.

Moreover, one should remember, that without a rich apps portfolio, Blackberry phones still cover a larger percent of mobile market in North America. What if they roll out splurging apps (just like what Android and iOS did) over night? Believe, they can easily give the front runners a long run for their money.

The broad keypad, large screen and quickest access to mails have kept the business community arrested with their favourite brand. Moreover, the most important features including the Calendar, Notes and Address books are a winner with their robust performances.

However, the company does agree to broaden their horizon and reach out to more and more people.  Speculations have time and again cited the crushing down of Blackberry business by Google and Apple and the company always laughed it off. If yes, then the silver lining has been seen with the positive response BlackBerry z10 has garnered. It is a mainstream Smartphone sustaining the Blackberry values of caring for the business and keeping the tech savvy generation all smiling. It hosts an ocean of apps and promises a lasting life.

The domain of loyal fans has assured all their love and support for the extremely underrated brand. I am reminded of the ‘We are the BlackBerry boys’ jingle that looked more of an ode from the users to the makers.  Is the Steve Jobs brigade listening?

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