Tips to Design an Imposing Landing Page

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A landing page, also known as lead capture page, is an individual page that appears when you click on an online advertisement. In online marketing, it plays an important role to grab more users which can be turned into regular readers. Most of the people are not aware of the significance of the landing page. Though, it is not the only page that needs to be revived, but it has to be eye-catching to engage the online visitors to stay on the page for long.


Here are some tips that will clear the concept of a landing page and its significance in online marketing:


  • Convincing Title: The Title plays a significant role to attract the attention of the viewers. It has to be catchy, so that it compels the readers to click on it. The headline should be short and meaningful. Stick to the point and present it in an informative way. If you do not include eye catching headline then users will move ahead towards other websites that seems to be more interesting and informative. To enhance online readership, try to improve the content and title of the landing page.


  • Include Bullets: Online readers prefer to follow the bullet points, as it is considered one of the most convincing methods to acquire useful information. The readers find it easy to understand about the product or services you are offering over the internet. So, it would be a better idea to include bullet points when elaborating any information or benefits of the product.


  • Stick to Short and effective text: To make your landing page more interesting, avoid big wall of text as readers may find it boring. Include break up text to make it a pleasant experience for a reader. There is a possibility that online readers may find it quite boring to continue reading without text break and may switch to another website. To grab the focus of a reader, arrange your content in short paragraphs that are easy to understand.


  • Add images or graphics: To attract the focus of the readers, add some graphics or images to make your page dynamic and striking. An image can do wonders to grab the attention of a reader as it looks more intriguing. Add appropriate graphics between break-up texts to engage users to your content. If you can also add the pictures of your product then that would be great!! People like to see the original images of the products you are offering to them.


  • Add Testimonials: Including testimonial is another great technique for breaking up your text. Add soothing colors and font to make it more appealing. Add pictures, if possible. It is important to include testimonials to make your page eye-catching.


  • Call to Action: Adding a strong call to action is required to make your landing page more stunning. It needs to be evident to grab the attention of a reader. Make it a large call out box, which includes a large font along with a sign of indication, like an arrow or something noticeable.


By simply following the above mentioned tips, you will be able to create an eye-catching landing page. This will help you to turn an online visitor into a customer. So, let’s begin to focus on this and get ready for a dramatic change.

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